Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver celebrate 25 years Friday, September 17th
@ 8:30 pm

Bluegrass music will mark many anniversaries in 2004, but none will commemorate a greater accomplishment than the creation 25 years ago of Doyle Lawson’s award-winning group, Quicksilver. From Alison Krauss to Garth Brooks, a world of artists have testified to the impact that Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver have had – and today, as the group celebrates its silver anniversary, it continues to set the pace with an unsurpassed combination of skill and spirit.
Virtually from its 1979 birth, Quicksilver has been the most influential group in bluegrass. Under mandolin master Lawson’s command, the band moved swiftly to the fore with one of the music’s most popular gospel albums ever (Rock My Soul), and maintained its leadership through a stunning series of recordings that were eagerly snapped up by musicians and fans alike. Though the lineup has changed over the years, from the first, classic quartet to today’s five-piece powerhouse, each edition of the band has been shaped by Doyle’s leadership and insistence on the highest standards of talent, discipline and artistic vision. Even a quick glance at the winners of International Bluegrass Music Association awards over the past decade and a half is enough to confirm Quicksilver’s predominance as an influence and training ground, for the list is well-stocked with alumnae of “Doyle Lawson’s school of bluegrass.” Quicksilver has brought new material into the repertoire, opened doors to the southern gospel audience, revived vintage performance styles and developed a distinctive rhythmic drive and powerful, burnished vocals that continue to influence new generations.
Today, Quicksilver is enjoying its greatest popularity, earning IBMA awards of its own – three in 2003 alone, including Vocal Group of the Year, Song of the Year and Gospel Recording of the Year – making frequent appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and drawing more and broader critical attention than ever. Gathered around a single microphone and dressed to the nines, the quintet offers a striking visual presentation as well as stunning vocals that are among the best bluegrass has ever had to offer. At an age when many of his peers are retired, Doyle Lawson is at the peak of his creative powers, acclaimed as not only a powerful historical figure but as a continuing vital presence on the scene today. Whether knocking out a driving Bill Monroe classic, re-visioning a Sam Cooke gospel quartet, transforming a rock song into a bluegrass standard or tackling a new song by a bandmember or a rising young writer, “Doyle’n’em” have earned a unique place among today’s biggest stars. FOR MORE INFORMATION: 865-397-7942.

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