School psychologist a fake

A woman in Sumter, South Carolina is accused of stealing a Knoxville woman’s name and using it to get a job at the school. Kimberly Arnold, 44,is charged with two counts of forgery, breach of trust with intent and fraudulent use of a falsified or altered diploma or transcript.
Linda Jones, a legitimate school psychologist got a call from the IRS saying se owed back taxes for her work in Sumter so she notified authorities and they arrested the imposter.
According to reports, Arnold told them she only has a high school diploma.

Ice Cream needs new name

A New England Ice Cream maker needs the publics help in naming the ice cream that they came out with to help the Boston Red Sox win the World Series.
Brigham’s Ice Cream debuted a flavor called “Reverse the Curse” earlier this year, and now that the Sox have won the series, they want some help re-naming the flavor.
The company had narrowed the choices down to four, Curse Reversed, Believe It, Sox Rock or Fenway’s Faithful.

Former minister convicted

A former minister from North Carolina has been convicted of sexual molestation after his daughters accused him on the “Oprah” show.
Eugene Hendrix, 66, was sentenced to 36 years in prison for taking indecent liberties with a child. He could have received life in prison if convicted of the original charges of rape and incest.
Hendrix daughters told Oprah Winfrey that their father molested them for ten years when they were younger, one even said the former minister had sex with her on the alter, and then gave her communion.
Hendrix did not appear on the television show with the daughters. The trial was delayed when Hendrix collapsed in the courtroom.

Thieves return stolen snakes

Thieves in High Point, North Carolina have returned 20 snakes that were stolen from a snake breeder.
Howard Hayes is working to turn his hobby into a business for his son when the snakes were stolen. Twenty-six Ball Pythons, ten Red-Tail Boa’s, and about forty-five corn snakes were stolen. The snakes were worth about $2,600 dollars.
Hayes said a couple came to him and told him someone tried to sell them the snakes, and that they were hiding in the forest.
Hayes said it was a relief to get the snakes back.

Basketball player not competent to stand trial

A former Baylor University basketball player that is accused of killing another player has been found incompetent to stand trial.
Carlton Dotson, 22, was found not worthy to stand trial in Texas and told he will be taken to a mental institution for at least four months. After that his competence will be reviewed again.
Dotson is charges with shooting Baylor basketball player, Dennehy last year. Dotson allegedly called authorities just after Dennehy was found dead and told them he was hearing voices and needed counseling.
A court-appointed psychiatrist says Dotson is suffering from psychosis and has hallucinations.

Haunted House for sale

A Sioux Falls woman is selling her haunted house on E-Bay and she claims it’s no Halloween prank.
Colleen Meyers says some strange things have been happening in her Victorian style house ever since she decided to sell it. Meyers has been trying to sell the house, built in 1892 on E-Bay, but says she is going to take it off the listing so people don’t think it’s a hoax. She claims to have seen a fan fly across the room in the house and several other strange happenings.
She says the ghost’s are mad because she’s leaving.

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NASCAR driver arrested

Jimmy Spencer, driver of the Virginia based Morgan McClure Motorsports Chevrolet was arrested on Sunday after police tried to serve his son with an arrest warrant.
According to reports, the police went to the elder Spencer’s home to serve his 18-year-old son for a misdemeanor charge of injury to personal property; he is accused of pouring paint on two cars in the Charlotte area.
Jimmy Spencer, 47, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and resisting a public officer.
Spencer has been known in the racing circles as having a volatile temper, but has never been involved with any police actions at the track. Morgan McClure Motorsports could not be reached for comment.

Student gets more time for musket

A high school senior that brought his musket to school after attending a reenactment of the civil war has been suspended for 21 days. Originally, Josh Phelps was suspended for five days, but the school board in Pine Bush, New York, tacked on 16 more days to the suspension.
Phelps reportedly joined the reenactment club after an advertisement at his school urged students to get involved. He had his musket and uniform in his car in the parking lot when a school security guard saw it. He reported it and Phelps was arrested for weapons possession and bringing the musket on school grounds. He goes to court Monday to answer the charges.

U.S. Supreme Court delays tobacco settlement

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Phillip Morris can delay forking over $10 million dollars to a California woman that sued the company.
Patricia Henley sued Phillip Morris in 1997 after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She smoked for 35 years, starting at 15. Phillip Morris contends the amount is excessive, but a California Court refused to delay the payment.
The U.S. Supreme Court Justices all participated in the vote, including Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who was hospitalized last week.
The delay will allow the company to contest the judgment to the U. S. Supreme Court.

Half-ton man has surgery

A man in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has undergone surgery to reduce the size of his stomach so he can’t eat so much. Patrick Deuel weighed into the hospital just over 1072 pounds and has already lost 421 pounds since checking in to the hospital. Deuel says that a diet that restricts him to 1200 calories a day and exercise has enabled him to get out of bed for the first time in almost a year.
Deuel has had trouble with breathing, has diabetes and high blood pressure, but according to staff members at the hospital he is showing improvements.

Stern gives FCC head a piece of his mind

Howard Stern surprised the head of the Federal Communication Commission when he called in on a talk show the official was airing at the time. Michael Powell, who is the son of Secretary of State Colin Powell got an earful from Stern when he accused the FCC chairman of getting his job through his father.
Powell countered saying that it was a cheap shot saying he isn’t qualified to head the FCC.
Stern has a long history of battling with the FCC over his show and the “shock jock” will move to Sirius Satellite Radio where the FCC has no regulation in 2006.

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