Class learns from assisting others

A new course is being introduced at Sevier County High School this semester and is quickly becoming quite popular. Success Skills Through Service Learning is a one-credit course that is taught by social studies instructor, Jane Bishop, where students engage in activities that address human and community needs by volunteering off campus.
Bishop, a 14-year veteran in education, teamed up with the Lion’s Club and together, compiled a course that will allow students to combine authentic community service with integrated academic goals. “This was a concept of the Lion’s Club; they created the course, sponsored it, formulated a curriculum and provided the training,” said Bishop. “It is an ingenious idea and so many people benefit from it.”
In the class, up to 20 students volunteer time at non-profit agencies in the community in an effort to enhance awareness of their own feelings about civic involvement as well as become more aware of those individuals who are in need. Hopefully, they will also realize that the needs of the community are not entirely being met and the need for volunteers is substantial. The importance of developing and nurturing moral and ethical conduct is additional information Bishop hopes the students gain.
Currently, Sevier County High School is the only school in the county offering the course. The agencies that utilize the assistance are Area Agency on Aging, Douglas Cooperative, Sevier County Food Ministries, Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, Smokey Mountain Area Rescue Ministries, Goodwill Industries, United Way, 20/20 Optical, Fort Sanders Medical Center, Family Resource Center, Safespace, and Women’s Care Clinic. Upon completion of the class, the students should be able to display attitudes, habits and values becoming to a volunteer and furnish examples of unmet community needs. They will also be able to promote awareness of the need for volunteers and articulate their personal values and ethical principles. “It will be valuable information that the students will benefit from in so many different areas of their life,” commented Bishop.
Continued coverage on this beneficial course will be published the next four weeks.

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