Hundreds fed Thanksgiving dinner

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care,” were the words of Pastor Gene Wolfenbarger, as he described his servant evangelism programs. Wolfenbarger is the pastor of The Gathering located at 707 Main Street in Sevierville.
The congregation of the church will serve 300 Thanksgiving dinners Wednesday night to families who might otherwise have gone without a hot turkey dinner. Of those meals, 15 of them were personally delivered to elderly folks who are considered shut-ins.
“This is a way we can demonstrate God’s unconditional love in a practical way with no strings attached,” said David May, evangelism director for the church. “We don’t want anything in return, just for people to know that someone cares for them.”
There were approximately 70 volunteers who helped cook, serve, distribute and clean up the Thanksgiving Love Feast. One woman took it upon herself to bake 30 pies alone. In addition, it was the efforts of a single gentleman to provide the 25 turkeys needed to feed the crowd.
The meal was delicious as well as filling and all that participated enjoyed themselves.
The Sevier County Senior Center, Smoky Mountain Area Rescue and the Sevier County Food Ministries all contributed to the success of this generous affair.
The Gathering is quickly becoming known for its random acts of kindness. They provide good deeds to unsuspecting businesses, individuals or groups of people. In the past, they have distributed up to 1000 free movie tickets to “The Passion of Christ” just so the public could understand what they stand for.
They recently had a yard “no sale” where they handed out 3500 articles of clothing for free and washed 75 cars for the mere pleasure it gives them. At the beginning of school, The Gathering distributed school supplies, including 350 book bags to less fortunate families. “There is nothing connected with our good services that we perform,” continued Mays, “God has been so good to us, we want to pass it on to others in hopes that it too will be passed on.”

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