The driver of an Oldsmobile Torfeo allegedly ran a stop sign on Old Sevierville Pike and was T-Boned by a Chevrolet Suburban Wednesday afternoon, November 24, at the intersection of Boyd’s Creek and Old Sevierville Pike.
The driver of the Chevrolet Suburban said, “She ran the stop sign and I was going the speed limit”.
The Suburban “T-boned” the Torfeo in graphic fashion, resulting in the driver being transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for injuries sustained. Her injuries were apparently not life threatening, according to the SVFD.
Bob Smith, a nearby resident, voiced his concerns at the accident site. “A couple of years ago two girls were killed just down the road. We have been trying to get the speed cut down from 45 mph to 35 mph. Because of the population growth in this area, the speed should be enforced. We had a petition going where we told local officials our concerns, but the response was that it was a highway, and it could not be lowered”. Mr. Smith said. He also shared that many of his neighbors are very concerned, and that he has just about been hit by other vehicles speeding down Boyd’s Creek Highway.
Officer Mark Fellin, of the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department was one of the three officers, two fire trucks and an ambulance that responded to the accident.
According to witnesses, questioned by Officer Fellin, the driver of the Oldsmobile Torfeo “never even attempted to slow down at the Old Sevierville Pike stop sign and was hit by the Suburban.”

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