Judge sends sex charges to grand jury

A judge in Maryville has sent child sex charges against two Georgia men to a grand jury.
Police say the 19-year-olds came to the Smoky Mountains foothills city to meet two girls they chatted with on the Internet. Both girls are 12.
Authorities say Juan Manuel Coronado the Second of Marietta (Georgia) and Geoffrey Ray Dennis of Kennesaw (Georgia) spent the night with the girls at a motel on October fifth after the girls told their parents they were staying at a friend\’s house.
Coronado was charged with child rape and contributing to the unruliness of a minor.
Dennis is accused of aggravated sexual battery and contributing.
One of the girls told police she at first told Coronado she was 15, then said she was 13, but finally told him she was only 12 before the men drove up from Georgia.
The other girl told police she didn\’t reveal her age.

Three airport workers burned

Three airport workers were burned as they unloaded fuel from an airplane at the Jackson airport this morning.
Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork says two of them were taken to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis by helicopter.
The security chief at McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport says the men were defueling the plane when a spark ignited the fuel.
The victims\’ identities weren\’t immediately available.

Couple found guilty of child abuse

A Juvenile Court judge says greed, not love, motivated a Gibson County couple to take in 18 children.
An attorney says the court found Tom and Debra Schmitz guilty of \”severe child abuse\” a ruling that should lead to termination of their parental rights.
Lawyer Mitch Tollison for the Children\’s Services Department says Debra Schmitz angrily denounced the ruling and Judge Robert Newell had bailiffs remove her from the courtroom yesterday.
The judge found the Schmitz’s neglected their dependent children, many of whom have physical and mental disabilities.
Tollison says the Schmitz’s collected about $84,000 a year from various state and federal welfare programs to keep the children. The court also found them guilty of not repaying more than $12,000 dollars in such funding they\’d received since the children were removed from their home in June.
The couple will be tried on criminal charges of child abuse and neglect in Circuit Court. That trial is scheduled to begin March 8.

DCS finds homes for kids

For six-year-old Charlie Pinson of Blount County, the gift he will most enjoy this Christmas is much more important than a flashy bike or the latest video game, it\’s a family.
He is one of several hundred children the state Department of Children\’s Services has worked to place in a home for the holidays.
It\’s part of a campaign that began in November as part of national adoption awareness month.
More than three thousand Tennessee children are eligible for adoption.
About 900 children have been adopted statewide during the last year.


State transportation officials will shut down highway construction, beginning Christmas Eve. There will be no work through Monday, January 3.
Transportation Commis-sioner Jerry Nicely says drivers still should observe lower speed limits in construction zones because of lane shifts, narrower driving lanes and uneven pavement.
Nicely points out seven projects that call for special care in driving.
In Nashville, there are two zones on Interstate 40. One is near the airport, between I-24 and Donelson Pike. The other is on the west side, at the Briley Parkway/White Bridge Road exit.
In Memphis, be watchful at the I-40/I-240 midtown interchange.
In Chattanooga, watch the I-75 Enterprise South interchange.
In Unicoi County, there\’s a work zone along I-26.
And a work zone remains at the Rhea/Meigs County line on the state Route 68 Bridge over the Tennessee River.

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Police seeking man in murder

The Morristown Police Department is investigating the death of 33-year-old woman found murdered Sunday night. Ollie Wynn was found at the Fairway East Apartments in Morristown shortly after 10 p.m. According to police she appears to have died from a single gunshot wound.
Three people told police they returned to the apartment and found Wynn’s body there, according to police she was staying at the apartment.
Investigators are looking for a person that may have additional information about the murder. They’re asking for help to find Jose Nava, 47, he’s 5’8” and weighs around 155 to 165 pounds, he has platinum plated teeth and a scar above his right eye.
Nava also uses Anagua as a last name and may travel to Jefferson, Hamblen and Knox County to work. If you have any information on Nava, call the Morristown Police Department at 423-585-4630.

Boys tells police he was assaulted

A 14-year-old boy in Memphis was found sleeping in a car by police on Friday night with a man he initially said was his uncle. After a further questioning, the boy admitted he had met the man on an internet chat room.
The boy then changed his story and told police Freddie Cowser III, 39 of Memphis, sexually assaulted him. The two were found sleeping late Friday night in a secluded grove of trees in Shelby County.
Police have charged Cowser with statutory rape and solicitation of a minor, he is being held on $75,000 bond.

Family pleads not guilty

The Oak Ridge family that is accused of murdering a woman by starving her to death has all pleaded not guilty in court on Monday.
Paul McMahan, his wife Debra and their 18-year-old daughter stood before Judge James Scott to hear the charges against them. According to the Oak Ridge Police the family is responsible for killing Karen Dreager, 35, who was in their care. An autopsy of Dreager showed that she weighted only 50 pounds when she died and that she was riddled with bedsores and other injuries when she was found at the defendant’s home.
All three of the family members have been charged with first-degree murder and are being held on $1 million bond. The judge ordered all pre-trial motions be filed prior to March 2005. The judge will hear arguments on Wednesday on whether the high bond will stand for the family.

Flooding keeps KSO nativity closed

The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra cancelled Monday’s performance of the Nativity because of the water main break in the basement of the Civic Center.
According to reports, nearly 2,000 people had to be evacuated during a performance of the KSO, over the weekend. According to the city there was a water main leak outside the building causing water to seep into the basement of the building. The city was worried there may be a power outage in the building, so they evacuated the audience and performers for their own safety.
KUB plumbers and electricians have been working diligently to repair the problem and will announce whether or not tonight’s performance will be cancelled.

Knox County underage drinking sweep nets
21 establishments

If you’re underage and thinking of going to Knoxville to buy liquor or beer, the Knoxville Police are trying to reduce the places you can do that.
According to reports, the Knoxville Police set out this past weekend to reduce underage selling of liquor with a sting, they netted 21 establishments that received citations.
The sting goes like this; a police cadet that is under 21 goes into an establishment and tries to buy the liquor or beer. If the establishment sells him the item, an officer will issue the place a citation for the first offense, a citation for a second offense and the city law department gets involved and the third time gets the citation and a trip in front of the city beer board for license review.
The KPD went to 78 establishments and found 21 that sold to the underage officer.

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Wintery weather on the way

It doesn’t take much for Sevier County residents to figure out that winter weather is on the way. Cold temperatures hit the area on Sunday, with snow and sleet accompanying the cold. Meteorologists are saying that the temperature could get colder and more snow is forecast for the early part of the week.
Sunday evening saw winter storm warnings issued for several counties in the area, including Blount and Sevier. Forecasters say there is a possibility of 1 to 3 inches of snow for the area, maybe more for the higher elevations.
Sandra Elpehe came into the area from her home in Gainesville, Florida. She stopped for directions in Seymour and told the Herald, “I’m glad the snow is coming now, we’ve planned this vacation for months and now we’ll be able to ski on the slopes in Ober Gatlinburg, but I sure don’t like to drive in it.”
The lines at the local stations were also long for the kerosene pumps. Many homes have additional kerosene heaters in them and the cold weather brings out the gas cans for the fuel.

People evacuated at Civic Auditorium

Saturday night saw over 1500 people evacuated during the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s annual performance of the Clayton Holiday Special.
According to reports a water main broke in the basement of the coliseum and caused the evacuation of the building on Saturday. The water main break also canceled the Sunday night performance but there is no word on the Nativity Pageant that is held at the coliseum.

caretaker charged with making meth

A 77-year-old woman was taken to the hospital on December 5 with exposure to hydrogen chloride, the by-product of someone cooking meth. The police charged one man that was making the drug in the basement of the woman’s home and have now found the other suspect involved.
Lisa Charlene Taylor was arrested on Thursday and charged with six counts of felony reckless endangerment and one count of making meth.
The woman she was taking care of was taken to the hospital and police believe Taylor and her boyfriend, Timothy Alan Farr, exposed her to the gas when they were making meth in the basement of Mildred Weaver’s home.
Taylor’s boyfriend has also been charged in the incident.

Army National Guard raising bonuses

The Tennessee Army National Guard is boosting its enlistment and retention bonuses after falling behind in recruitment goals. The National Guard is offering a 15 (t) thousand dollar sign-on bonus for prior service soldiers who re-enlist and for active soldiers near the end of their term who re-enlist
According to recruiters, they have never seen bonuses as high as this for at least six years. The new bonuses are three time the amount that they usually are. First time enlistee bonuses will also increase from $6,000 to $10,000.
National Guard officials announced the increases this month after missing their recruitment goals for the past two months and falling about 30 percent below their overall target.

Officials plan closer look at home-schooled children

Tennessee state education officials say they plan on taking a more active roll with home-schooled students.
According to a report there are currently no single persons, agencies or state department required to keep close tabs on an estimated 30,000 or more home-schooled students statewide. The state requires home-schooled students to register with either public school systems or church related “umbrella” schools.
According to the report there are varying degrees of oversight and approximately 5,300 students are registered as of last year.
The Deputy education commissioner says they will have internal discussions on whether they want to have a more active roll in the oversight of the program.

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Jury selection begins in Maryville trial

Jury selection in the trial of a nurse from Maryville whose accused of substituting water for patients morphine, began on Thursday, in Blount County.
Stacey Lee was fired in 2002 after the nursing home she worked in became suspicious of her injections she gave to a 90-year-old patient, Edna Graves.
The family of the patient became suspicious also when Graves didn’t seem to ever be out of pain. According to the family they would ask for medication, but staff would tell her they had just given her an injection and it would be so many hours before she could have another one.
The family believes that Lee would steal Graves’ medicine and substitute it for water. Lee was fired in January 2002 and also arrested. Graves died tow months later of a heart attack.

Thieves have
stunning day while sleeping

Police in McMinn County arrested two men in Athens and charged them with armed robbery, evading arrest, theft, criminal impersonation, unlawful possession of a weapon and some other charges. Robert Bell and Patrick Ellswood robbed a convenience store and then took off in a stolen SUV. The police chased them until they crashed, Ellswood was subdued after a struggle with a Taser gun, but Bell stole the police car and took off again, eventually wrecking the car.
Deputies went searching for Bell, until a woman came up to them and reported that someone that smelled like alcohol had broken into her house and was sleeping on her couch.
The police went to the home and found Bell napping on the sofa and arrested him.

Former gang
member pleads guilty

A former gang member that has had several run ins with the law pled guilty to being a convicted felon in possession of a loaded gun and possession of crack cocaine.
The convictions just add to the list of crimes on the record of Nilante Wallace, 26, who faces 40 years in prison for the latest in his spree.
Wallace also has convictions for slaying a teenager. He admitted he had a loaded gun in his possession when he allegedly attacked a St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center security guard in an incident in April. He also admitted to selling crack to a confidential informant that was being monitored by authorities.

Boy in trunk report a hoax

A woman in Bristol that reported she saw a woman shut a young boy in the trunk of her car has come forward and admitted the whole thing was a hoax.
According to reports, Lisa Marie Reed, 30, of Bristol recanted the report and told police what she really saw was a woman yelling at a boy that was in the back seat of a hatchback vehicle.
Reed also gave police a bogus description of the initial vehicle. Police don’t have a motive for the false report, which can carry a sentence of two to four years in prison.

Another East Tennessee man arrested for sex with a minor

A McMinn County man has been arrested for taking a trip to Thailand to have sex with a minor. Gregory Alec Phillips is charged with engaging in illicit sexual contact in foreign places after he returned to the states from the Far East.
According to reports Phillips went to Thailand to have sex with a 13-year-old boy. Another East Tennessee man pled guilty to similar charges after he admitted to going on an organized trip to Thailand to have sex with a minor.

Newspaper ad
executive charged

A Nashville weekly newspapers ad executive has been charged with promoting prostitution for ads in connection with adult ads he accepted and coordinated.
A grand jury indicted Nile Noseworthy of the Nashville Scene following an investigation that lasted for more than a year.
Part of the investigation included undercover police placing ads in the paper after making it clear to Noseworthy they were prostitute related.
The police also filed charges against 25 people for prostitution in connection with the ads.
The publication claims the charges are in retaliation for the paper running a critical article about the police chief’s son.

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Teen charged after accidental shooting at school

Lenoir City Police filed charges late Wednesday afternoon against a 17-year-old Kingston boy who accidentally shot himself and a 14-year-old Kingston girl in the leg.
According to reports the two were in a car on school property when the small caliber handgun the boy had discharged and shot both his leg and her leg, above the knee.
The boy was charged in juvenile court with bringing a firearm onto school property and reckless endangerment. According to police they also found prescription drugs outside the car, but no drug charges have been filed.
The shooting happened at Lenoir City High School while a basketball game was going on inside between Lenoir City and Rhone County High.
Both teens were treated and released form the hospital.

Another death on Chapman Highway

For the second time within a week there has been a vehicle accident death on Chapman Highway.
According to reports an 18-year-old male was trapped in his car after leaving the roadway at about 2:45 a.m. Wednesday morning. The car had to be removed from the site and brought to the roadway before the driver could be extracted from the car.
Traffic was impaired for hours while rescue squads worked on the accident. Tennessee Highway Patrol dispatched four officers to the scene along with other important Sevier County Rescue operators.

Plea bargain for teen charged in Ye Olde Steakhouse fire

A plea bargain has been reached in the case of the 17-year-old male that set fire to the popular Ye Olde Steakhouse located on Chapman Highway.
William “Trey” Sides III is 19 now, he was 17 when he set fire to the restaurant in 2002. According to reports Sides apparently poured gasoline on the roof of the building and threw a match on it. The fire caused over $500,000 in damage and the restaurant had to relocate for almost two years to the L&N Depot in Knoxville to continue operations. Sides is a former busboy at the facility.
The plea bargain that the prosecution entered into will require jail time and it was required to transfer the case from juvenile court to criminal. Prosecutors had planned to try Sides as an adult.

Body found in Virginia was Bristol woman

A body that was found along the road in Nottingham Virginia has been identified as a missing Bristol woman.
According to reports authorities have identified the body as Vicki Lynn Coleman. The police report indicates that the police have ruled out homicide in the case, and say she overdosed on drugs. Apparently the people she was with panicked and dumped her body down an embankment. No charges have been filed in the case.

90-year-old receives diploma

John Lopez is 90 years old and on Tuesday he received a diploma from the University of Alabama that he earned over 65 years ago.
Lopez lives on Signal Mountain, near Chattanooga and the university traveled to his home to deliver the diploma he said he thought he would never see.
Lopez earned the diploma in 1936 but didn’t attend commencement or pick up his diploma because he and his brother could no longer afford to live in Tuscaloosa.
Lopez didn’t worry about the diploma because he already had a job with TVA and never really thought about it. According to the report, Lopez’s daughter who lives in Bozeman Montana contacted the university and they found the diploma in a safe, so they decided to personally deliver it to Lopez.

Blount County
gearing up for wheel tax fight

Blount County is in similar shoes as Knox County was recently, having to fight taxpayers for a wheel tax.
The County Commission voted for a $30 wheel tax on its first reading, the second reading will come in front of the commission on Thursday, and some of the commissioners are gearing up for a fight. One commissioner who voted for the $30 tax said he still believes it’s necessary, but people don’t like to pay additional taxes.
The tax is designed to help Blount County improve roads and help overcrowding in schools. $20 of the tax will go to the school system and $10 will go towards improving Blount County roads.

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transit center to be discussed

Knoxville city officials are holding a public hearing Tuesday for comments on the proposed downtown transit center.
Registration for the hearing begins at 5:00 p.m. at the John T. O’Connor Senior Citizens Center, located at 611 Winona St.
The draft environmental assessment for discussion in the hearing examines the potential impacts and benefits of a mixed-use, multi-story transit center on State Street between Commerce and Union Avenues in downtown.

Former Senator back in Legislature

Former state Sen. Andy Womack will be back at the Legislature, beginning in January.
Womack will serve as senior policy adviser for Democratic leader Jim Kyle of Memphis.
Kyle says Womack will create a policy for Senate Democrats and will help him pass Gov. Bredesen’s legislative package.
Womack served 12 years in the chamber before retiring in 2000.
It appears a large part of his role will be providing a voice for Democrats, who lost control of the state Senate to Republicans this year for the first time since Reconstruction.
Kyle is granted two staff positions and Womack will fill one of those, taking no salary, but being paid $105 each day he works.

Operation White Flag to aid homeless

With low temperatures in Knoxville dipping into the teens, homeless shelters have a plan to ensure no one’s left in the cold.
Operation White Flag is designed to make sure everyone has a warm place to stay, even during the day.
Usually, most of the area shelters close in the morning. However, when the temperature drops dangerously low, they stay open throughout the day.
“We’ll handle the overflow crowds but the concern is those folks who think they’re going to be able to brave the cold and their health is just not enough to be able to actually do that,” says Burt Rosen, with Knox Area Rescue Ministries.
Knox Area Rescue Ministries, the Salvation Army and the Volunteer Ministry Center will communicate to make sure if one shelter fills up, people are sent to another with available space.

Ten Commandments to remain in Monroe County

The Ten Commandments will remain on display at the Monroe County courthouse until the Supreme Court decides two similar cases.
A federal judge has issued a stay of a temporary injunction that would have forced the county to remove the Commandments, pending the outcome of a lawsuit over their display.
The motion by attorneys for the county noted a Kentucky case before the high court deals specifically with the display of a Ten Commandments poster in a county courthouse.
Rutherford County also has a case pending concerning a display of the Ten Commandments.

Vandalism not a hate crime

The Knoxville Police Department says the vandalism of a religious statue at Sacred Heart Cathedral isn’t being classified as a hate crime.
The damage to the statue of Mary holding the baby Jesus was discovered Sunday morning. Red paint now covers Mary’s face. Baby Jesus’ head and arms have been broken off.
The statue sits in front of the Knoxville Catholic diocese.
Police investigators are conducting interviews and looking at evidence collected at the scene. That includes the infant’s stone head. It was thrown through the front doors.
The crime is being classified as vandalism because it was isolated and there’s no evidence the vandals were targeting a specific religion.
However, police say the crime could be reclassified as a hate crime if new evidence is found.
Tennessee is one of 10 states that doesn’t have a hate crime law on the books.
The state does have a civil rights intimidation law. It protects people based on race, color, ancestry, religion, or national origin.
Under the Tennessee law, every person is to be protected from fear, intimidation, harassment, and bodily injury.
Hate crime laws in other states generally come with harsher penalties.

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Fallon Tallent requests new trial

Fallen Tallent, the Maryville woman convicted of running down two Wilson County Sheriff’s Officers in Nashville has requested a new trial. According to her defense lawyer, there were many mistakes made in the first trial.
Tallent was sentenced in August to serve two life terms for killing the two officers as they laid spike strips in an attempt to stop a chase that began in Knoxville. Tallent and a passenger had been driving erratically on I-40 and the police were going to stop them with strips across the road. According to court reports Tallent drove a stolen Mercedes into the two officers, killing them both.
Tallent was found guilty of in June of first-degree murder in both deaths in a trial that lasted only a week and took the jury less than six hours to determine her guilt. Tallent had been in trouble several times before in Maryville, including a video tape of her getting out of a trunk and pointing a gun at police officers.
She has admitted to being on a crack-cocaine binge the week of the murder.

Fatal accident may have been alcohol related

Three people died over the weekend when the car they were in crashed on Highway 25E, went off an embankment and landed upside down in about four inches of rainwater. The only person in the vehicle that was wearing a seatbelt, climbed out of the vehicle, up and embankment and got help.
The crash killed on Tennessee resident and two people from Kentucky and according to preliminary reports there was alcohol involved in the crash.

Police looking for statue vandals

A statue of the Virgin Mary that stands out in front of Catholic Church was vandalized on Sunday. The vandals took the head off the baby Jesus and threw it through the window of the church and then painted red on the face of the Virgin Mary and also an upside down cross on her, they also painted where they head was on the baby and both arms.
According to reports there are no suspects in the vandalism as of yet.
The Roman Catholic Diocese will cover the statue with a tent and awning to make sure nothing else is damaged, in case the statue can be repaired.
Police haven’t made any arrests, the cost of the statue was originally about $15,000.

Officers searching for child in trunk

Officers in Bristol are searching for a boy who witnesses say was struggling to get out of a car trunk in a K-Mart parking lot.
According to reports some people who were in the parking lot saw a woman open a car trunk and a young boy begging to get out as she tossed packages inside.
Two witnesses said they heard screams as they went into the store and when they came out saw the woman who apparently shoved the boy’s head back into the trunk and drove away.
The police are searching for an 80’s model white Pontiac Grand Prix, the woman has long brown hair, is about 5’6” tall and weighs about 200 pounds.

Court sides with death row inmate

A judge in Cincinnati has sided with a death row inmate that says he should be allowed to be heard because he was dealing with a dishonest prosecutor in the case.
According to court reports Abu-Ali AbdurRahman, who was sentenced to death after killing a Nashville drug dealer in 1986, should be heard even though he has exhausted all of his appeals.
The case is holding up all executions in Tennessee and the prosecution hoped that the ruling would speed things along. The judge said that AbdurRahman wasn’t requesting a new appeal, just an extension of an old one.

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Starved boy went to hospital before being admitted to Vanderbilt

According to reports in Nashville, the 15-year-old boy that was found and weighed only 50 pounds, went to to University Medical Center in Lebanon Tennessee and was discharged before being admitted to Vanderbilt University Hospital.
Court records show Joshua Osborne was discharged from University Hospital on September 21, he was admitted the next day on an emergency basis to Vanderbilt, where doctors indicated his life was in danger.
Joshua spent three weeks at Vanderbilt recovering and is now living with foster parents. Reports indicate that he is doing better, has gained some weight and has grown 4 inches since he was found.
According to reports, Osborne said his parents required him to sleep on a hardwood floor, was chained to the bed and was only fed soup and water. His father James C. Osborne and his stepmother Christine Osborne have been charged with aggravated child abuse and remain in jail.

Hunters rescued from floodwaters

Two duck hunters were rescued Saturday after their canoe capsized in rushing water. According to reports the two men said the canoe capsized in the rushing water and got stuck on some brush. A neighborhood girl just happened to see the accident and called rescuers, who were able to assist the two hunters out of the rushing water. The girls father Martin Gillenwater came to the rescue after his daughter told him of the accident, he grabbed a rope and shovel and went to the aid of the two.
Gillenwater was able to save one of the men’s dog that was stuck under the canoe. Both men refused to be transported to the hospital.

Man killed after crashing

A Knoxville man has been killed in a bizarre accident that involved a car his 15-year-old son was riding in.
Danny Ray Harrell was driving Tuesday and lost control of his truck, slamming his truck into an SUV that was carrying his son, the boys foster father and two children.
According to reports, Harrell had never gotten over the death of his wife and went on a downward spiral that led him to drinking. Harrell was supposed to appear with the Belew’s, the foster family, on Wednesday and give full custody to them.
Harrell was killed in the accident but there were no other life threatening injuries to the family.
Harrell was killed in the same month, on the same road, and in the same manner his wife was killed 14 years ago.

Doctor and woman charged in TennCare fraud

A Morristown doctor has been charged with theft of services for misleading TennCare by not reporting at least $31,000 per month of his income. The state alleges Dr. Michael Alan Chavin at least $10,000 in benefits he received improperly.
Also arrested was a Nashville woman who faces charges that she made false statements on her TennCare application to obtain benefits that she wasn’t entitled to.
Dr. Chavin could face two to fours years in prison for his charges if he is convicted.

Authorities discover fetus at sewer plant

An employee of a Jackson water treatment plant noticed a small body floating in the water Friday morning and called authorities.
According to reports, authorities believe the fetus got to the plant by traveling through the cities sewer system. According to the investigators, finding where the fetus was put into the system or who put it there will be a laborious task because the plant handles the waste from a large area around Interstate 40 near Jackson.
The fetus has been sent to Nashville for an autopsy and to determine the cause of death and gender. Authorities aren’t sure if they can identify who the fetus belonged to and whether charges would be pending.

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Family members arrested in starving death

Three family members have been arrested in connection with the starvation case of a woman with cerebral palsy. When Karen Dreager died she weighed only 50 pounds according to reports. She had also been neglected by the family and was covered with bed sores and her own feces. According to autopsy reports she had some of the steel wire that was surgically placed to aid in her cerebral palsy sticking out of her skin.
The three family members, Paul, Debra McMahon and their daughter Kimberly, 18, have all been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Each of the McMahon’s are being held on $1 million bond.

Elderly woman in the hospital after exposure

A seventy-seven year old woman had to be taken to the hospital in Anderson County after being exposed to meth. Mildred Weaver and other members of her family were exposed to hydrogen chloride apparently because someone was cooking the drug in her basement.
The suspects fled the scene when police arrived, but according to reports they know who two of the men are.
According to the Sheriff, family members called the police when they suspected the invalid’s caretaker of cooking the deadly drug. The ingredients for making the drug were found in a garage basement after the police arrived.

Knox County searching for clues in stabbing

Knox County officials are still searching for clues in the stabbing death of a 21-year-old woman and the wounding of her roommate.
According to reports, Johnia Berry was pronounced dead at the scene at the Brendon Park apartments at about 4:15 in the morning. Her roommate Jason Aymami was also stabbed, but managed to make his way to a convenience store and call for help. He was taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition.
No suspect information has been released as of yet, and if anyone has any information they are encouraged to call the Knox County Sheriff.

A fifth of Tennessee children live in poverty

According to a new report from Nashville from the State Commission on Children and Youth says about 18 percent of children in Tennessee live in poverty.
The Kids Count study released Wednesday says one in five children living in rural areas live in poor families that lack a telephone or car and must use 30 percent of their income for housing.
Nashville is listed at 20 percent and Memphis, Tennessee’s largest city has the highest level with 30 percent, but the number of children living in poverty in the rural areas surpasses all the cities in the state.

Man remodeling his apartment dies

A man in East Ridge has died after his apartment caught fire. Jeffery Paul White apparently died after inhaling smoke and toxic fumes in the apartment.
According to reports White had pulled all of his furniture to the middle of the room, and initial reports indicate a short in a floor lamp ignited a chair on fire.

Bonnaroo back in 2005

The Bonnaroo festival will be back in Tennessee next year at the same 700-acre farm where it has been held for the last four years in Coffee County.
According to reports the festival has grown and over 90,000 people attended last year.
Acts for the 2005 show have not been announced, but Dave Mathews, Bob Dylan and The Dead were some of the acts for 2004.

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Parade date changed

Due to weather the annual Athens Christmas Parade that brings about 13,500 residents to downtown has been changed to Wednesday (church night). Organizers called several churches to inform them of the change. The parade is considered one of the biggest small town parades in East Tennessee.

Parents to meet

Union County parents will be meeting with the company hired to remove mold from the Luttrell Elementary School. Many parents are unhappy about what is being done to correct the problem and many are upset that the school is remaining open.

Redd plea bargains

Perry Redd, a critic of the Knoxville Police Department agreed to a plea deal on gun and drug charges on Tuesday. Redd plead guilty and will serve a minimum of five years in prison. He could get up to twenty years on the drug charges. Redd had previously been convicted of robbery.

Jobs on the way

Knoxville will get about 125 new jobs as 21st Mortgage Corp. teams up with Clayton homes. 21st Mortgage and Vanderbilt Mortgage, owned by Clayton Homes, are combining to purchase over $4 billion worth of existing home loans from yet another mortgage company, Chase Home Finance. The company says they need to hire new people immediately and will add about 75 jobs to its Blount County facility. The jobs range in pay from $25,000 to $50,000 and is expected to give an added boost to the area.

West Tennessee residents press for change

In Memphis several rural West Tennessee residents are pressing the Legislature for more stringent rules on agricultural spraying. According to reports, the residents say aerial spraying of chemicals such as pesticides threatens public health. Similar legislation failed to pass last year.

Change comes to TVA

Changes in the management structure of the Tennessee Valley Authority are embedded in a bill awaiting a House vote and President Bush’s signature. TVA’s full-time, three-member board will be replaced with a part-time, nine-member board that will hire a CEO to manage the 12,000-employee agency.

Starved boy
gaining weight

A fifteen-year-old boy that was found chained to his bed in September in Lebanon, Tennessee is now gaining weight and growing. Joshua Osborne weighed 50 pounds when authorities found him and according to reports he has now gained 20 pounds and grown 4 inches. He is now living with a foster family.
Testimony was heard on Monday during a hearing in which a judge sent aggravated child abuse charges to a grand jury for possible indictment against the parents James and Christie Osborne. The Osborne’s have been held in jail since the police found the boy September 21.
According to police the father told police that the boy was fed only soup and water.

Knox County Sheriff must pay contempt fine

The Tennessee Supreme Court refused to hear the case involving Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchinson’s plea to have a $300 contempt of court fine dismissed.
The fine stems from a lawsuit brought by Knox County Commissioner Wanda Moody for release of public records.
According to reports Hutchinson was held in contempt of court and fined in early 2003 for lying in response to Moody’s request for records involving his office’s horse stables, helicopters and drug accounts.
The Sheriff produced some documents on the items and swore there were no more, but after some digging the commission found 75 more boxes containing documents relating to the case.
The case cost Knox County $77,000 in attorney’s fees.

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Widow files lawsuit

The widow of a Maryville man has filed a $10 million wrongful death suit against the hospital he died in. Also named in the suit are three doctors and other staff of the hospital.
According to reports Paula Tretheway says doctors misread diagnostic test results for Barry Tretheway, 38, when he went to the hospital with chest pains. The hospital sent Tretheway home after examining him, he later returned to the hospital when the chest pains didn’t subside and died in the lobby of the emergency room of a heart attack.
The lawsuit claims Tretheway was having a heart attack and the defendants negligently failed to attend to him.

Man who took girl may be charged with rape

An Amber alert was issued last week for a 12-year-old Kentucky girl that was later found in a hotel in Tennessee. The man who allegedly took the girl, Robby Lovins, 31, may now add statutory rape to his list of charges from the abduction.
According to reports the police found Lovins and the girl in a hotel room, the authorities were able to search the room prior to it being cleaned and found substantial evidence that Lovins had sex with the girl..
Lovins apparently checked the girl out of her Pulaski County school prior to her mother removing his name from the authorized list. Lovins took the girl to the Lakeview Inn near Caryville, according to the police he even checked in under his own name.
Bed sheets, trash cans, bath towels, wash cloths and cups from the room were all turned over to the FBI, which is involved because Lovins took the girl over state lines. According to reports a condom was also found in the room, and may provide DNA evidence.

Former UT football player charged with rape

Former UT football player Mondre Dickerson is facing rape charges stemming from an incident in June. Dickerson now lives in Memphis and turned himself in to Knoxville authorities on Monday.
According to reports Dickerson is charged with the rape of a 30-year-old woman he met at a nightclub June 19.
While a member of the UT squad, the former defensive tackle was accused in the rape of another woman and suspended from the team. Charges were never filed in that case due to lack of evidence.

Two workers
buried alive in

Two men working in a Memphis railway terminal were buried alive Wednesday afternoon. The two men, Timmy Jones, 36, and Sylvester Bolton, 45, were off loading ammonia sulfide on a conveyor belt when some of the granular fertilizer hardened and got stuck in the chute leading down to the belt. When the two men couldn’t get the blockage taken care of from below, they went to the top to see if they could help. While they were looking down the chute the blockage broke free, shifted the load and the men fell and were killed.

THP Officer may be fired

A Tennessee Highway Patrolman may be fired in connection with giving a dead man traffic tickets.
An investigation into the matter recommended Trooper Stephen Parsley be terminated for his role in the ticket writing, Trooper Mike Harmon was cleared of any wrongdoing in the matter. Harmon has returned to duty.
Both men were placed on administrative leave in October when evidence that a Blount County man had been given traffic citations ten days after he died.
According to reports a clerk found the false tickets and an audit was conducted for all the area tickets. Parsley must still have a hearing prior to his termination. There was no indication of the motive behind the false tickets

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