Endorsements don’t come lightly

Some newspapers throughout the country choose to endorse different candidates for a variety of elections. From Mayor to Commissioners, Governors to Presidents, those endorsements come with many strings attached at times.
The policy of The Herald Newspapers is to let candidates stand on their own, report what platform they stand for and the agenda they may have for the party and constituents they represent.
This policy allows the paper to be an informative source for readers to go to and decide as a collective voting machine.
The Herald Newspapers recently ran a press release on Carl Twofeathers Whitaker making an announcement to run for governor in 2006. The release was written in a first person format.
In accordance with The Herald Newspapers policy, it needs to be clear that the announcement was not intended as an endorsement for Mr. Whitaker or any of his policies, it was a way to inform those in our county about a local man running for the highest office in the state.
The Herald Newspapers invites all candidates to take the opportunity to let the people of Sevier, Blount, and Knox Counties know about something as important as our next leader for the state, county or communities. We intend to report as accurately as possible the platforms, policies and desires of those candidates.

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