Thursday night, before the varsity games, Seymour High School held a special event for the departing senior varsity basketball players.
It was a night to celebrate the accomplishment of making it through 4 years of High School.
It was a night to give due appreciation to the Seymour Eagles basketball teams graduating stars.
It was a night that the players will remember for the rest of their lives.
The 6 departing students and their parents were invited to the home economics room to partake in the consumption of cakes, punch and other refreshments.
At one point coach Gary Householder joined in the festivities and walked around the room talking to players and their parents for awhile before announcing that he wanted to talk to everyone at once and say a few words about the students that he had been working with for the past 4 years.
After a few minutes of locating everyone, the coach affectionately told the players how much they meant to him, at one point telling them that he cared for them like his own children.
He then thanked the players for working with him through the trials and tribulations that they have encountered over the years. “I’m sure there were times when you wanted to knock me out, but I’m glad you didn’t” Householder said with a smile on his face.
He went on to tell the parents how much he appreciated and respected all their children and wished everyone the best in their future endeavors. After the speech the parents began to take pictures of their soon to be graduates together and the girls exchanged gifts with one another.
The atmosphere was filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment. Even some of the undergraduates where there to see their fellow teammates praised and give them the going away party that they deserved. Everyone was having a good time but you could tell that the games they were to play later on in the night were in their thoughts as well. Comments were being made about being nervous concerning the game. Jokes were made and everyone’s spirits remained high.
Seymour High School and its faculty did a great job of letting the seniors know how much they appreciate them and all they have done over the past 4 years.

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