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A talented group of individuals met recently at Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic to launch the Sevier County TennCare Task Force.
The task force is a direct result of the Sevier County Health Care Summit held in March to tackle difficult issues such as the TennCare Disenrollment.
Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Kenneth Robinson addressed the group Oct. 5 and congratulated the members for their efforts on behalf of the county’s uninsured.
Members of the newly formed task force include: Steve McClure, pastor; Arne Walker, pastor; Karen King for School Superintendent Jack Parton, Sevier County Dept of Education; Dennis Freeman CEO, for Joel Hornberger, COO, Cherokee Health System; Ellen Wilhoit, president of Fort Sanders Sevier Medical Center (FSSMC); Drew Mann for Rocky Good, Willis Group; Micky Ratliff, pharmacist; Micky Roberts, director of the Sevier County Health Dept; Mary Vance, executive director of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic; Dr. Razzak, chief of staff, FSSMC; and Allen Newton, executive director of the Sevier County Economic Development.
Other invited guests were Robinson; Sen. Raymond Finney; East Tenn. Regional Health Director Dr. Paul Erwin; Dr. Mark Blumenthal of the Sevier County Health Dept.; Dr. Richard Dew of the Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic; and Don Denney, chair of the Sevier County Health Improvement Council. Allen Newton, who gave an overview of the “Sevier First” and Smart Card Pilot that is planned to start in the near future, also addressed members of the task force.

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