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Pigeon Forge city officials voted to raise the trolley fare for the majority of its routes from 25 to 50 cents.
The fare for riding the Pigeon Forge area trolley system has not changed in over 17 years according to the resolution to raise the fare.
The North Parkway Route, South Parkway Route, Wears Valley route and the Court House route as well as routes running to and from Dollywood and Dolly’s Splash Country were established at 50 cents, by the passed resolution.
Pigeon Forge, along with Gatlinburg and Tennessee Department of Transportation officials hired TranSystems Corporation to study the potential affects of increasing the trolley fare. According to the resolution pertaining to the rate changes, the city decided to make changes to its rate fare structure based on the study performed.
The original proposed resolution called for the two Dollywood routes to be somewhat higher, at 60 cents, but this was opposed by commissioner Howard Reagan who argued that the extra change involved would be troublesome for riders.
“I think it’ll go a whole lot better if it was made just an even quarter change,” said Reagan.
Reagan made an initial motion to change the resolution from 60 cents for the two Dollywood routes to a more even 75 cents.
Reagan’s motion failed due to a lack of support from fellow commissioners, but a second motion to change this to 50 cents did pass.
“We’re just trying to keep it even money,” said Reagan.
The transit director for Fun Time Trolley, Scott Marine, was present at the meeting. Marine advised the commissioners that he did not foresee any problems with the changes to the fare. “People still come into the office telling us that they can not believe that the rate is still a quarter,” said Marine.
Marine said that approximately 44 percent of its ridership is from those riding to and from Dollywood and that these routes, accordingly, provide for the most wear and tear on the trolleys.

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