Nashville – The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, Tennessee's free market think tank, in partnership with Citizens Against Government Waste, the nation's premier taxpayer watchdog, released the 2007 Tennessee Pork Report today.

Not only does the Pork Report expose dozens of examples of Tennesseans' tax dollars squandered, it highlights examples of fraud and abuse. Its findings come from the State Budget, appropriations bills, audits and media reports.

In total, the Pork Report uncovers over $125 million in wasteful spending by the Tennessee State Government. Prime examples of Tennessee pork projects and waste include:

  • $1.2 million to subsidize failing state-owned golf courses;
  • $352,210 spent by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development on computers they never used;
  • $21,279 for plush new carpet in House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh's office; and
  • $5,000 to Jeff Hand whose "art" includes hanging well-endowed teddy bears by nooses.

The report exposes many areas in the state budget where wasteful spending can be eliminated, providing a valuable resource to legislators and taxpayers.

"Certainly this report shows that legislators are hogs at the taxpayer trough, but it also shows that bureaucrats are casting a blind eye to waste and fraud in government," said Tennessee Center for Policy Research president Drew Johnson.

The report concludes with recommendations to encourage a more restrained, responsible and transparent state government, including strengthening the Copeland Cap, enacting a kicker law to refund surpluses to taxpayers and developing an online database to track state spending.

The 2007 Tennessee Pork Report is available on the Tennessee Center for Policy Research at the Citizens Against Government Waste

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