Three Seymour 2nd grade classes participated in Trick – ER- Treat for UNICEF.  

A modest goal of $50.00 was set and exceeded by raising $108.74.  

The money will help many children receive the shots necessary to survive in their environment. Some of the money will also go to send books to schools that do not have the needed amount.

The following classes participated: Mrs. Shannon Brown, Mrs Jennifer Karrasch and Mrs. Tina Bull.  

These classes as well as Mrs. Kasey Witucki are beginning a Christmas Project for Underprivileged Children.

The teachers are trying to instill the good in these children and hoping they realize that it is a wonderful thing to give back to your community and also the world.  

The money for UNICEF will help children across the world but the Christmas Project will help boys and girls in their backyard.

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