In a typical scenario if I am writing an editorial, I am writing about all of the injustices that are going on with the Sevier County Government and with the various offices. 

However in this instance I am writing about the most difficult injustice of all going on right here in our little hamlet of Seymour Tennessee. 

Today I want to write about a friend of mine who needs the help of the community, the prayers of a community and the love of a community.  Today I want to write about my friend six-year old Carolyn Hastings.

Mark and Carolyn Hastings are people who I would consider friends.  Their children Elizabeth and Danny have been at my daughter’s birthday party, our kids play soccer together and we spend a lot of time on the grass talking.  About????  Well nothing and everything. 

Mark and Carolyn have four children; a fourth-grader, second grade twins and a baby who started Kindergarten this year.  They moved here from Boston and instantly integrated themselves into the community.  They attend the First Baptist Church of Seymour and their children are active in the MVP soccer program. 

Carolyn is a beautiful little girl who smiles all the time.  She is a little girl who has been sickened with a disease that has her immune system attacking her muscles.  She has been forced to leave Ms. Brown’s kindergarten class and her friends.  She has traded in her school desk for a hospital bed.  She is now in Cincinnati at the Children’s Hospital because she no longer has the strength to keep her head up thus affecting her swallowing.  This image haunts me because not six months ago Carolyn and I played catch with a soccer ball.  Her energy was endless and her smile non-stop.

My point is that this family and this little girl represent everything that is good about Seymour, Tennessee.  They are cheerful, happy, involved Christian people and now they need our help.  Mark has taken time off from his job as a mechanic for emergency vehicles to be with her in the hospital.  The hospital bills are growing, and with that comes the bills at the house, the stress of having a child who is sick and balancing act of keeping things normal for the rest of the children.

Carolyn’s kindergarten teacher Elisha Brown has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  A fund called Carolyn’s Hope has been set up at the Seymour branch of Home Federal.  A drop box where people can leave cards for Carolyn has been set up at the Seymour Primary School. It is time for this community to come together and help this family.  Whether you donate at the Home Federal, drop a card at the school or just say a prayer take time today to help a family, a little girl….my friend Carolyn. 

Contributions can be made at Home Federal in Seymour via the Carolyn’s hope fund.  Well wishers can send cards to Seymour Primary, 717 Boyds Creek Hwy, Seymour Tennessee 37865.

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