Pancakes were downed and money was raised on Feb. 12 as the IHOP at 7609 Mountain Grove Drive in South Knoxville joined every IHOP across America for the restaurant’s annual National Pancake Eating Day to help raise money for The Children’s Miracle Network and Children’s Hospital.

The 2007 Jr. Ms. Tennessee Angela Karl, a Seymour resident, joined four strapping University of Tennessee football players for a rousing competition to find out once and for all if a teenaged beauty queen can actually scarf down more flapjacks than over 1,000 combined pounds of high-level Division I football players.

And the winner is: Children’s Hospital and The Children’s Miracle Network.

Unlike the dog-eat-dog pageant scene and the win-at-all-cost world of college football, score was not kept at the friendly pancake eating competition. The only thing counted was the dollars raised for the children in need of the extraordinary and often-unsung care provided by Children’s Hospital and The Children’s Miracle Network.

“It was a very good time,” said IHOP manager Tanya White. “A lot of pancakes were eaten, a lot of autographs were signed and a lot of money was raised for a very good cause.”


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