I was perusing the web this past weekend in the wee hours and came across a site that complained about Sevier County.

As this is my home, I immediately went to the site to read what they said.

I was not prepared to read the type of comments that were posted.

Here’s what one post said;

My home in MI is 1500 sq ft, 3 bed 2 1/2 bath, 1/3 acre. $120,000 in a great safe neighborhood with great schools. Here in Gatlinburg/Sevierville/Pigeon Forge, I can't touch that home for less than $175,000. We ended up renting in Seymour

Price of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Ooooohhh…that one really irks me. Why is it that a nice warm area has no Fruit Stands?

Milk prices. Anywhere from $3.25-$4.99 a gallon. Store brand, not name brand. Michigan prices: $2.79.

After all of my complaining, I have to say, I do like TN. Maybe I'm just in the wrong part of it. Knoxville would seem better for me and my family, but the drive to work would be over an hour and that's not happening. It is a bit of a culture shock as everything moves slower down here and the people are nonchalant about EVERYTHING.

This commenter ended with; I guess, you just take the bad with the good.

Another poster commented; I thought that was a huge mistake to move here from Florida. I've lived in tourist areas before, and I don't think it is ever a wise decision to move to one. Traffic, prices and a large proportion of transplants can make for big headaches.

I'm finding housing prices are not great, either. They are much better than a lot of the country, but theere are a LOT of people moving in and jacking up the prices. We are still renting, and quite frankly, I'm starting to panic a little.

And this is the saddest; I knew that Sevier County was not that educated, but am still surprised at how poor with money the locals are. And, how POOR they are! It’s sad to think that all these tourism dollars does nothing for the people born and raised here.

But we love it here.

This last comment reminded me of the millions of school funding that Sevier County recently lost as a result of the revised method of calculating county school funding.

When we have no control over our circumstances, we live at the pleasure of others.

That’s why it’s so important for Seymour to incorporate.

Many have posted comments on our website against my comments, based on uneducated guesses.

Unless you have been to http://www.city-data.com/county/Sevier_County-TN.html, you probably didn’t know that most of the people that moved to the Seymour/ Sevier County area came from Knox County.

The Knoxville city limits are a mere three miles from Seymour.

Incorporating Seymour before Knoxville steps in and annexes it, would be a smart move. Just look at the tax rates in Knoxville.

If you think Knoxville can’t incorporate because it’s in another county, let me remind you of Bristol with is in three states.

I am working on providing a clear picture of what it would cost each homeowner if Seymour was incorporated to squelch those naysayer that claim it would cost a fortune,

The current representation Seymour has in our county government is a shame. The comparison of Seymour’s attributes to the other communities in the county is very disparaging.


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