The latest broadband and technology is on its way to Sevier County.

A team of local volunteers has joined a statewide effort to bring high-speed Internet to every home, school, organization and business in the state.

With fast Internet service, students can watch live science experiments hundreds of miles away; doctors can get a quick second opinion on an x-ray; and farmers can keep track of their livestock using small radio tags.

The Sevier County eCommunity Leadership Team is dedicated to making more technology available locally. The committee is part of Tennessee’s plan to deliver statewide access to high-speed Internet, also called broadband. Ultimately, the goal of the Trail to Innovation is to increase the number of high-tech companies and jobs in Tennessee.

Eventually, every county will have its own technology team. Several local leaders already are involved in Sevier County’s eCommunity Leadership Team. The team is now in the process of evaluating the current state of technology in the county, determine what improvements are needed and devise a plan for achieving those goals. 

The evaluation process is designed to provide a benchmark for the community’s current readiness to participate in the enormous economic, social, governmental and personal changes that high-speed communications entail. More importantly, this guide provides a vision of specific steps and actions the community—government, businesses, schools, community groups, and citizens—can take to benefit from these changes.

Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters welcomes the opportunities for technological progress that the eCS process brings to Sevier County. He said, “Universal access to high-speed internet in Sevier County will help open the door to the future. From healthcare to education, agriculture to business – everything we do now, we can do better.”

Community members interested in the project are welcome to join future meetings. Volunteers represent the following areas:

• Agriculture
• Business and industry
• Community-based organizations
• Government
• Healthcare
• Higher education
• K-12 education
• Libraries
• Tourism, recreation and parks

The use of broadband technology is already enhancing the lives and businesses of citizens all across the state. In fact, 49% of Tennessee businesses say that broadband has already improved the success of their business. Many companies cite the availability of broadband as essential to starting or expanding their operations. Technology enables small business people to live in a rural area and sell their products around the world. It also enables large companies to work more efficiently.

Broadband also promises to boost the economy and quality of life in Tennessee. For example, doctors can remotely monitor patients with chronic illnesses, working parents can complete their college degrees by attending classes online and tourists can make online reservations.

For more information about the project or to join the Sevier County eCommunity Leadership Team, please contact Connected Tennessee East Tennessee eCommunity Project Manager Steve Buttry at (865) 567-9112 or [email protected].

The next meeting of the Sevier County eCommunity Leadership Team will be:
Date and Time: Monday, April 14 at 2 p.m.
Location: Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, 110 Gary Wade Blvd., Sevierville

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