There were going to be approximately 150 kids and parents at the Seymour Community Park Saturday morning to play soccer, but due to weather, the games were called by Jim Green.

It probably would have been called for vandalism if not for the weather.

This is the third time in two weeks, according to Green.

“We just put up four ceiling fans that were donated and they even tore each blade off of each of them,” Green told the Seymour Herald.

Jenni Sanjorjo also came to the field to inspect the damage.

“We are so feed up with this mess happening all the time,” said Sanjurjo.

There were broken beer bottles, garbage dumped everywhere, picnic tables turned up side down and locks broken.

“It’s a never ending process,” said Green. “We fix one thing and they break or destroy another.”

Green said he was just at the Sheriff’s office Friday asking that they give the park extra patrol due to the increase in damage.

“I’ve even asked the constables to drive by, which they have at 3 PM in the afternoon which does absolutely no good. I told them to come by in the night because I drive by here myself at least two or three times each afternoon and evening.”

The park is completely maintained by Green and a few committed supporters.

Just recently the Clayton Trust gave the Park $8000.00 with which they purchased a zero radius turn mower.

“We are in desperate need to funds to really make this park something that the entire Seymour Community can be proud of,” Green explained.

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