It has been reported that activist and former candidate for the highest office in the state, Carl "Two Feathers" Whitaker has filed suit against Dollywood theme park for $5.5 million.

Whitaker, who sometimes acts as a spokesman for Native Americans and Cherokees in Tennessee, says he was racially harassed by a co-worker while he worked as a games attendant at Dollywood last year.

According to reports, Whitaker claims his complaints to a supervisor were ignored and he was fired in January. Which eventually lead to his action in federal court.

According to a statement by Pete Owens, spokesman for Dollywood, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission threw out a similar complaint Whitaker filed with that agency and Owens believes the courts will do the same.

According to a Metro Pulse article on Whitiker, Whitaker is often looked upon with scorn and embarrassment by a crowd of Native Americans.

Some Native Americans and Cherokees question Whitaker's Indian heritage. They say he's uneducated about Native traditions and customs and worry that he'll discredit the causes they fight for.

The article further states that Carl Whitaker moved to Tennessee from Ohio around 1997 and has lived in several locations in east Tennessee. He claims that his mother is full-blooded Indian, half Cherokee and half Mohegan, and that his father was Dutch, Cherokee, and Irish.

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