Senator Raymond Finney announces that an initiative he’s working on will be fully organized in time for the beginning of the next legislative session in January.  The Tennessee Family Legislative Network is designed to make state government work better for Tennessee families. 

“Our entire state benefits when families are strengthened,” says Finney. He adds, “This network will in no way act contrary to the needs of single persons or older couples with grown children. The network merely recognizes that a segment of our citizens needs a sympathetic and supportive voice in Nashville.”  “Family” will be defined to include single parents with children, couples without children, and traditional father-mother-children families. 

Shortly after the General Assembly convenes in January, Senator Finney will call an organizational meeting of the legislative network. Legislators from both parties are expected to join the network. Citizens from throughout the state will be invited to participate in decisions as volunteer advisors. Although members will define goals at the organizational meeting, Finney anticipates at least the following questions will be studied and acted upon:

·         How can we better protect the health and safety of Tennesseans of all ages through preventive measures?

·         Recognizing that families should primarily care for and supervise their children, how can we make government less intrusive on families’ rights?

·         How can we make government smaller (by reducing unnecessary growth, services, and programs) to reduce the burden on taxpayers?

·         How can we achieve more governmental accountability (reduction of waste and inappropriate spending)?

·         How can we reduce the tax burden on families, in order that families may keep more family income for their use, rather than the government’s use?

Network members will review bills as they pass through legislative committees and seek to support family-friendly bills and amend or vote against legislation detrimental to families.

Senator Finney has reserved to alert Tennessee families of critical family legislation, provide important information to Tennessee families, and streamline communication with network members.

“I’m excited about the good things the Tennessee Family Legislative Network can accomplish,” remarked Senator Finney.  “Now, Tennessee families will have a network of legislators and citizens throughout the state– members of this legislative network– who will be watching out for Tennessee families’ best interests,” he stated.

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