Part One of a Two Part Series

During the past several months Republican Senator Raymond Finney, retired physician residing in Maryville, and Republican Representative Doug Overbey, lawyer also residing in Maryville, the two prominent candidates, are heating up the mailboxes, newspapers and airwaves with what some consider being “hateful, deceitful and deceptive advertising”.

“It’s nothing new,” stated Carol Anderson, of Sevier County. “I hate the nasty side of politics, I don’t know who to believe.”

Republican Jim Bishop of Sevierville and Gatlinburg Independent Ira Lapides are the other two Candidates running for the position.

The mailers from Overbey describe Finney as being against kids, a liar and suggest that Finney has the ability to single-handedly raise the price of gas.

Mailers from Finney basically explain why Overbey’s claims are false, misleading, malicious and based on innuendos.

Finney was obviously frustrated with Overbey’s constant attacks over the B.E.P. 2.0 (education funding program) vote which passed 32 to 1 in favor.

Overbey, during a phone interview told the Seymour Herald, “Two other constituents and I voted against it in the House and Finney could have voted against it in the Senate.”

On the web, people have reflected on this contested senate race with the following comments;

Arguments I've heard for Finney: He's more transparent than most politicians and his support for the mountain-top removal ban shows him willing to spurn the wishes of local big developers and apply his religious beliefs to the environment.

For Overbey: He isn't a Christofascist extremist and is willing to work with Democrats in the Senate to pursue a more sane agenda – even if too conservative.

Negatives for Finney: He's an arch-right wing Christian fundamentalist extremist who wants to revive the Scopes law and institute the David Horowitz law at Maryville College.

Negatives for Overbey: He's a total opportunist doing the bidding of the Lamberts. He would never spurn his party on anything the way Finney did.

On environmental measures, the Tennessee Conservation Voters group scored Finney as 6, the top score shared with Kurita in the Senate. In the House, Overbey scored zero.

For some, the choice will be clear-cut and simple. Others will have to study the candidates more closely.

Whichever you do, vote on August 7th.

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