Brad Lowe, of Knoxville, highlighted an eventful night of racing Saturday night at Seymour 411 Motor Speedway.

Lowe held off Knoxville’s Charles Hurst and Ross White, of Karns, to win the Late Model feature at the legendary dirt oval. Seymour’s Ernie Teaster (fifth-place finish), Rusty Ballenger (sixth-place finish) and David Ridings (ninth-place finish) were the top hometown finishers in the Late Model race.

Lafollette resident Robbie Comer continued his banner season in the Modified Street feature with another top finish. Dixon Greenwood, of Knoxville, and Justin McCarter, of Sevierville, finished second and third, respectively, in the Modified Street event.
Seymour’s own Travis Reno was the top dog Saturday night in the always-competitive Street Stock feature. Reno was followed by second-place finisher Jason Ogle, of Knoxville, and third-place finisher Fredrick Romines, also of Knoxville.

Teenaged phenom Tiffany Sheehan navigated her way back to Victory Lane after a her third-place finish last week broke a previous string of four-straight wins in the Truck feature at 411. Sheehan, in her black number-24 truck, held off Maryville’s Robert Martin, who finished in second place, and Kodak’s Steve Hillard, who finished in third-place in the seven-truck field.

Saturday night’s win gives the 15-year old Blount County native Sheehan five victories in the last six weeks at the track.

Track veteran and Victory Lane mainstay Robbie Sands, a Powell resident, took top honors in the 13-car Classic race. Knoxville’s Logan Dukes finished in second place and Knoxville resident Wayne Dukes finished in third place.

Kodak’s Chris Kelley held off hometown favorite Cindy Poore to win the always-entertaining Modified Mini feature. Cosby’s Joey Allen finished in third place.

The Pure-Mini feature, previously known as the Front-Wheel Drive feature, was won by Newport’s Josh Driskill. Seymour’s Robert Burris finished in second place and Mike Ellis, of Kingston, rounded out the top three in the Pure-Mini field.


411 Motor Speedway results
(Aug. 9, 2008)

Late Model Feature:
1) Brad Lowe, Knoxville,Tn. Car #16
2) Charles Hurst, Knoxville,Tn. Car #1H
3) Ross White, Karns,Tn. Car #0
4) Scott Gardner, Knoxville,Tn. Car #16yellow
5) Ernie Teaster, Seymour,Tn. Car #22 Awarded Position When Apparent Finisher Was Disqualified
6) Rusty Ballenger, Seymour,Tn. Car #29
7) Johnny Lane, Dandridge,Tn. Car #19
8) Clyde Stasnton, Knoxville,Tn. Car #c11
9) David Ridings, Seymour,Tn. Car #33
10) Jimmy Hunt, Louisville,Tn. Car #3
11) DQ Jason Cardwell, Knoxville,Tn. Car #07

Modified Street Feature:
1) Robbie Comer, Lafollette,Tn. Car #42
2) Dixon Greenwood, Knoxville,Tn. Car #7
3) Justin McCarter, Sevierville,Tn. Car #J3
4) Gary McCarter, Sevierville,Tn. Car #66
5) Mike Lewelling, Sevierville,Tn. Car #00
6) Rocky Ogle, Pigeon Forge,Tn. Car #45
7) DNS Brad Lewelling, Sevierville,Tn. Car #10M

Street Stock Feature:
1) Travis Reno, Seymour,Tn. Car #77
2) Jason Ogle, KNoxville,Tn. Car #49
3) Fredrick Romines, Knoxville,Tn. Car #56
4) Bruce Willis, Faragut,Tn. Car #64
5) Troye Brown, Lenoir City,Tn. Car #40
6) Eric White, Knoxville,Tn. Car #82
7) Jeff Rife, Dandridge,Tn. Car #05
8) Wayne Miley, Knoxville,Tn. Car #70
9) Bryan McDaniel, Knoxville,Tn,. Car #59

Truck Feature:
1) Tiffany Sheehan, Maryville,Tn. Truck #24
2) Robert Martin, Maryville,Tn. Truck #44
3) Steve Hillard, Kodak,Tn. Truck #51
4) Jeff Flatford, Maynardville,Tn. Truck #58
5) Bobby Martin, Maryville,Tn. Truck #3
6) Tom Huston, Sevierville,Tn, Truck #78
7) Freddie Hillard, Kodak,Tn. Truck #74

Classic Feature:
1) Robbie Sands, Powell,Tn. Car v#17
2) Logan Dukes, Knoxville,Tn. Car #6
3) Wayne Dukes, Knoxville,Tn. Car #77
4) Drew Kennedy, Strawberry Plains,Tn. Car #57
5) Marvin Ray, Greenback,Tn. Car #98
6) Ron Rudder, Knoxville,Tn., Car #2
7) Jason Loveday, Knoxville,Tn. Car #1
8) Bart Baxter, Dandridge,Tn. Car #7
9) Mack McCarter, Sevierville,Tn. Car #25
10) Eric Tipton, Powell,Tn. Car #03
11) Pierce McCarter, Sevierville,Tn. Car #712
12) Andy Ogle, Gatlinburg,Tn. Car #68
13) Philip Sands, Powell,Tn. Car #5

Modified Mini Feature:
1) Chris Kelley, Kodak,Tn. Car #13
2) Cindy Poore, Seymour,Tn. Car #T6
3) Joey Allen, Cosby,Tn. Car #00
4) Brian Berkley, Knoxville,Tn. Car #41
5) Wayne Hopson, Maynardville,Tn. Car #H2
6) Wiliam Arwood, Kodak,Tn. Car #359
7) Cory Cate, Kodak,Tn. Car #92

Pure Mini (Front Wheel Drive) Feature:
1) Josh Driskill, Newport,Tn. Car #00
2) Robert Burris, Seymour,Tn. Car #77
3) Mike Ellis, Kingston,Tn. Car #55
4) Jeff Bean, Knoxville,Tn. Car #3
5) Mickey Burris, Kodak,Tn. Car #10
6) Homer Bean, Noris,Tn. Car #31
7) Tommy Metler, Knoxville,Tn. Car #44
8) D.L. Singleton, Lenoir City,Tn. Car #16
9) Eric Bean, Knoxville,Tn. Car #3R
10) Billy Teaster, Townsend,Tn. Car #A7
11) Jason Moore, Kodak,Tn. Car #88




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