Representative Richard Montgomery (R-Sevierville) today responded to constituent concerns regarding price gouging at several area gas stations. Representative Montgomery said his legislative office has been flooded recently with calls from citizens who are concerned about the possibility of price gouging occurring in their communities.

“I understand the concern that citizens have been expressing to me over this matter, and I thank my constituents for calling and emailing me these concerns. I sympathize with those families who are feeling the strain and stress of higher prices at the pump,” said Rep. Montgomery.

Representative Montgomery penned a letter to Congressmen David Davis and John Duncan on Monday expressing his dissatisfaction with the rising process, and pledged to assist the Congressmen in any way possible. In part, the letter read:

“I want to convey to you my support in any effort that you make to reduce such prices. I realize that I am of limited authority to impact the prices of fuel. However, if there is anything I can do at the state level to help lower gas prices, please know that I am more than willing to do so. The well being of citizens of Sevier County as well as the citizens of the great state of Tennessee is an utmost concern of mine, and I want to do everything in my power to assure that their needs are met properly.”

To report suspected price gouging in the state of Tennessee, please contact either 615-741-4737 or 1-800-890-8366.

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