The two vehicle crash involved both sides of Chapman Highway. (The Herald/Joe King)

According to eye witnesses, an auto accident which took place at about 7:30 p.m. Monday on Chapman Highway was caused when one vehicle in the northbound lane catapulted across the median and collided with a second vehicle in the southbound lane.

Neighbors Burt Williams and Travis McKinny were standing in Williams’ front yard, which is near the crash site, when the accident took place.

“I was standing here talking to Travis and then I heard a squeal,” Williams said. “I looked over and the car on the far side of the highway shot over the median and hit a car on this side.”

State Trooper Ryan Stoffle, who was on the scene, compiled the accident report.

The debris from the evening accident is cleared from Chapman Hwy. (The Herald/Joe King)

As of press time, the Tennessee Highway Patrol said no accident report had been filed. The official report could take up to ten days before it is made available.

McKinny said the driver for the first car was a young man and the other driver was a woman.

The witnesses added they saw both drivers involved in the accident being placed in an ambulance and both appeared to be in a stable condition.

Look for next week’s issue of The Herald for more details about this incident.

Travis McKinny and Burt Williams witnessed portions of the accident. (The Herald/Joe King)

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