A class of preschoolers line-up to wash their hands as Tammie Burnette prepares to escort them to lunch. (The Herald/Joe King)

For parents the quality of daycare is a constant topic, and as education becomes more prevalent in our society, many centers are focusing on providing extra preparation for children.

Tammie Burnette, who owns and operates Favorite Friends Daycare, said one of her primary goals of her business is to provide top-quality service to the Seymour community. Burnette believes to reach her goal it is important to provide extra services.

“We provide transportation for the students of Seymour Primary and Intermediate as well as Gap Creek and New Hopewell,” she said.

In addition to transport services, Burnette’s Favorite Friends daycare also provides breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, arts and crafts, and a slew of fieldtrips.

“We go to the Chapman Swimming pool, Smokies baseball games, and visit a farm in the summer,” she said.

Although the balance between indoor and outdoor activities mixed with additional services provided by Favorite Friends sets the daycare apart from most in the area, perhaps the most outstanding feature offered is the Kindergarten readiness program.

Tammie Burnette performs both administrative and educational duties at Favorite Friends. (The Herald/Joe King)

“This is a program for our preschool class that prepares them for all of the challenges they will face in Kindergarten,” Burnette said. “This is a key component of our daycare.”

Burnette said even though most daycares do not provide this type of service, she wanted to offer it because she has a desire to provide for the future of her community.

The philosophy of promoting educational success not only extends to Burnette’s business, but also through here personal life.

Her son David Ryan Burnette will be graduating as a valedictorian of Seymour High School and her daughter Hailey Clark is married and working as a teacher at her mother’s daycare.

“It is a blessing to work with her,” Burnette said of her daughter. “We work well together, have the same outlook and goals, and strive to touch the lives of others.”

Burnette said she and her husband, David, are proud of the emphasis her children put on education.

“This daycare is important to me not only to make a living, but also to be a ministry and to be there for the community.”

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