Science winners from left to right: Gabe Hatcher, Michael Thompson, Alexander Thacker. (The Herald/Submitted Photo)

Algebra I winners from left to right: Katie Whaley, Austin Jenkins, Emily Brooks. (The Herald/Submitted Photo)

Students of Seymour Middle School emerged from a county-wide competition with notable rank.

The Annual Academic Field Day, which was held last week in Gatlinburg, is a competition in which seventh and eighth grade contestants from all Sevier County schools compete in various core subjects. The top 20 out of 60 contestants placed on a top-tier list, while the top three were issued awards.

According to Jennifer Younger, a coordinator for the event, the competition is conducted through a written test which is graded by various judges who are knowledgeable in the subject they are grading.

Language Arts winners from left to right: Hannah Rauhuff, Makyla Knauf, Emily Nicholson. (The Herald/Submitted Photo)

Gabe Hatcher of Seymour placed first in the field of Science followed by Michael Thompson of Caton’s Chapel and Alexander Thacker of Boyd’s Creek. Seymour students Alex Spiridonov, Daniel Troutman, Matthew Vick, Nathan Wade, and Devin Davenport also placed in the top-tier for Science.

In the field of Language Arts Hannah Rauhuff of Sevierville Middle was awarded first followed by Seymour students Makyla Knauft and Emily Nicholson.

Although no Seymour students placed in the top three for Social Studies, Christian Haynes, Kevin Escalona, and

Social Studies winners from left to right: Irfan Ibrahim, Sterling Fisher, Jonathan Johnson. (The Herald/Submitted Photo)

Noah Sharpe ranked in the top 20.

Similarly, Jessie Steele, Seth Reid, and Elyssa Ridley placed in the top 20 for Algebra I.

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