Ed. note: The subject of Our Smokies, Our Future and those who are against the process has been a topic we have reported on for some time. As the story continues to evolve, the Herald felt it would be best to publish a multi-part series in order to provide the community with in-depth coverage.


Pastor Rob Bremer (The Herald/ Archived Photo)

With opposing viewpoints regarding the intentions of the collective organization known as Our Smokies, Our Future, a steering committee member and a Sevier County Tea Party activist laid out their reasons for the contrast.

While Sevier County Businessman Geoffrey Wolpert contends that OSOF is a grassroots effort with a main priority of community improvement, Pastor Rob Bremer of the Tea Party contests the visionary process is a local branch of the United Nation’s Agenda 21.

“Using environmentalism to regulate all human activity,” Bremer explained, “Agenda 21 is designed to implement a one-world order of centralized governance. The camouflage chosen is ‘sustainable development’, which concerned citizens would, of course, accept.”

Wolpert, however, said he is not well versed with Agenda 21.

“I’ve just done a little bit of research and it doesn’t have anything to do with Our Smokies, Our Future,” Wolpert said. “People who have organized this are thinking about business priorities.”

Wolpert said that, among other concerns, clean air and water were on the top of the lists compiled at the OSOF open community meetings. Yet, Bremer stated that this emphasis on environmentalism is the first step in manufacturing consensus and will eventually lead to the end of private property rights.

“Whether called ‘Nine Counties, One Vision’, or termed ‘One County, One Vision”, the original name chosen locally, the modus operandi is the same,” Bremer said. “Seek consensus from a small number of attendees to be able to proclaim ‘the people have spoken’.”

Bremer said that, in addition to clean air and water, other terms used to implement Agenda 21 on a local level are “Protecting the Environment,” “Sustainable Development” and “Smart Growth”.

“Like most bad legalese today, all this effluvium is camouflaged in thousands of pages that only a very few will ever read, which is the best defense for egregious, freedom-robbing, burdensome laws,” Bremer added. “Elimination of private property is a vital part of that undisguised system of total subjugation of humankind.”

Bremer said organizations at the root of the process are worldwide central banking, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Tri-Lateral Commission.

Geoffrey Wolpert. (The Herald/ Archived Photo)

Wolpert, who was also involved in OCOV, maintains there is no sinister motive behind OSOF and it is purely a community effort.

“Rob seems like a reasonable enough person, but he and his people are trying to undermine the good intentions of the community,” Wolpert said. “This group of people is disrespectful and disruptive to the residents.”

However, Bremer said claims of opposition being deemed disrespectful and disruptive are in line with the defensive strategies listed for local Agenda 21 implementation.

“OSOF is following the Agenda 21 program in its infancy stage,” he said. “One of the UN’s sub-contractors for implementing this nefarious, subversive plan is the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).”

The following Tennessee governments are members and are implementing this program: Hamilton and Shelby Counties, Nashville, Franklin, Knoxville, Signal Mountain, Cookeville, Chattanooga.

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