Lady Eagle sophomore Shelby Rooney moves the ball up field. (The Herald/ Lee Herald)

For the first time since Seymour joined the IMAC, the Lady Eagles lost to the Morristown-West Lady Trojans by a score of 4-1 in Morristown.

The only goal scored by the Lady Eagles was on a penalty kick by Sarah Brewer. It was the first goal scored on the Lady Trojans in their entire season.

Three goals were scored by Lady Trojan sisters. Abigail McGaret scored two goals, while her sister Erin scored one.

Morristown-West took an early lead as Megan Horner put the ball in the net first, but play became ragged as the game went on.

Abigail McGaret scored two more goals late in the first half and the score stood 3-1.

Brewer scored 14 minutes into the game.

Erin McGaret scored the final goal for the Lady Trojans.

Next up for the Lady Eagles will be Halls at Seymour.

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