By Joe King, [email protected]

Sevier County Emergency Medical Systems Director Steve Huskey. (The Herald/ Submitted Photo)

Sevier County Emergency Medical Systems Director Steve Huskey. (The Herald/ Submitted Photo)

Although first responders such as fire fighters and law enforcement agencies are continually risking their lives for their community, Emergency Medical Technicians have a stake in saving lives that can often go unnoticed.

Serving Sevier County since 1975, Emergency Medical Systems Director Steve Huskey has always had a yearning to help people.

“I worked with the Sevier County Sheriff’s Depart for a total of ten year and worked as an EMT and Paramedic for 27 years,” he said. “I was appointed director in the 1980 after the passing of Lincoln Gale Allen. I was reappointed Director in 2002.”
Huskey, whose department received 13,125 calls in 2012, said there are numerous challenges to performing the duties of his position to the high level of accomplishment he has achieved.

“Some of my major responsibilities are insuring my staff is equipped with everything they need to help save our residents while maintaining a budget,” he said. “One daily challenger is keeping up with all the HealthCare changes and requirements.”

Of his staff, Huskey said there is certainly a need to increase its current membership.

“We look for personnel that meet appropriate training requirements,” he said. We also look for a dependable, responsible and professional employee who strives to do the best at their job, since lives depend on them.”

Examples of just how much EMTs help to save lives can be found in the type of calls they most often respond to.

“The most common types of calls are traumatic injuries from car accidents and falls, respiratory distress, chest pains, abdominal pain, diabetic complications, and seizures,” Huskey said. “Every response relies on somebody being able to put themselves out there for the lives of others and that’s my calling.”

As the EMS Director Huskey asks the community to be aware during emergency situations.

“We put our lives in jeopardy every day trying to help others,” he said. “Our goal is to provide exceptional care with a quick response. Help us meet this goal by being alert and ready to move to the right and out of the way when an emergency responding vehicle approaches.”

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