By Joe King, [email protected]

Fire Chief Kevin Nunn speaks at the 2012 Seymour Volunteer Fire Department forum. (The Herald/ Archived Photo)

Fire Chief Kevin Nunn speaks at the 2012 Seymour Volunteer Fire Department forum. (The Herald/ Archived Photo)

The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department will host a community forum at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 26.

The event will be held at Seymour High School and is open to the entire community of Seymour.

“The purpose of the forum is for community members to understand their fire protection in Seymour,” said SVFD Chief Kevin Nunn. “Through statistics, we can show Seymour has grown 16 percent in the past 12 years.  Many of those people have come from cities with a true fire department.”

The primary speakers will be Nunn and the Assistant Fire Chiefs of the department who will do a slide show presentation. They will also open the floor up to questions and comments.

“We want our message to be pretty consistent throughout all these presentations,” Nunn said. “There will be no major differences from last year except that we hope to spread the message more and get more people to come.”

The first forum SVFD held last year at this time had 12 people.  The forum in August of 2012 had two people.

“I would really like to see at least 50 people since the auditorium can hold 200,” Nunn said. “Many people do not realize the challenges a volunteer fire department faces.”

Nunn said challenges facing SVFD include training, response, traffic, equipment and personnel, but all represent some type of a cost that is ultimately absorbed by those who donate.”

According to the most recent donation information contribution levels have decreased to about nine percent of the overall population of Seymour.

“The budget we work with is diminishing and our call volume is increasing,” he said. “We want to show people why we need their donations and what we do with the donations they do give.”

Nunn added the overall purpose is to show residents that SVFD could stand in the road at Chapman Hwy. to collect donations every weekend for the entire year and collect less than it costs to buy a single fire engine.

“Infrastructure questions generally open people up to more questions about time required for an emergency and how long it takes us to get to their house,” he said. “There will be some historical information and overall, we want people to feel comfortable asking questions to the firefighters that protect their houses at night.”

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