Kim Leake prepares for the Divorcecare Workshop at Seymour United Methodist Church. (The Herald/ Joe King)

Kim Leake prepares for the Divorcecare Workshop at Seymour United Methodist Church. (The Herald/ Joe King)

Divorce touches many people and has negative impacts on their lives. To combat the problems of divorce Seymour United Methodist Church is holding a program to assist the people of Seymour in coping with the problem.

Seymour United Methodist Church located at the corner of Simmons Rd and Chapman Hwy. is pleased to announce DivorceCare. The program is built around three components: video seminar, small group discussion and a workbook.

“The structured program consists of 13 weekly sessions, starting on March 6 at 6 p.m. with free childcare available,” said the program’s coordinator Kim Leake. “DivorceCare also has scholarships if financial assistance is needed for those who qualify.

She added anyone seeking help, hope and healing from the pain of separation and divorce is encouraged to attend.

“There is always hope that marriage relationships can be repaired and restored,” Leake suggested. “Seeking Christian counseling is the first step.  Surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging friends and family which can offer sound, Christian advice is also critical.  Perhaps the best prevention for divorce is discussing it before you marry.”

The workshop will be taught by Kim Leake, Martin and Becky Carr, each of whom has personally experienced divorce and have felt the range of emotions that accompany divorce.

“Society perpetuates the concept of divorce,” she said. “ Mainstream media tells us how romance should be.  When our marriages don’t live up to the fairy tales, we are disillusioned, dissatisfied and believe our marriage is faulty. “

Pre-registration for the group will he held Feb. 27, 6 p.m. to 7 the church.   There is a fee of $20 which covers all costs of the program.

“If after all attempts to sustain your relationship has failed and you are separated or divorced, Seymour United Methodist Church welcomes you to find help, hope and healing at DivorceCare.,” she said. “Warning signs that your marriage may be in trouble are lack of communication, distrust of each other, inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex, lack of physical intimacy, physical or mental abuse as well as inability to actively participate in marriage due to substance abuse or sexual addiction. “

For more information email to [email protected].

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