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James Tucker III passed away Feb. 3. (The Herald/ Submitted Photo)

James Tucker III passed away Feb. 3. (The Herald/ Submitted Photo)

After nearly five years of service at The Pursuit a local Youth Pastor passed away.

James Tucker III, born June 3, 1996, died of a heart attack Feb. 3, but Pursuit Pastor Jeff Timbs was quick to offer kind words regarding Tucker’s life.

“James was a true servant,” Timbs said. “He was always willing to serve at anything in the church. He had a heart for broken people. He would cry with those who cried, mourn with those who mourned and rejoice with those who rejoiced. James was very passionate about justice and equality.”

In addition to serving as the Youth Pastor for The Pursuit, Tucker also serviced as a Loudon County Sheriff’s Department D.A.R.E. officer.

“His concern for youth was shown not only in being Youth Pastor but the time he spent as a DARE officer in Loudon County,” Timbs said.  “He wanted to instill in to young people that they could do great things, achieving dreams was possible, and that they had value. At the time of his passing, James was not employed outside of the time he volunteered as Youth Pastor.”

Tucker was preceded in death by mother, Sue Tucker; grandmother, Joyce Tucker; grandfather, Joe Johnson. He was a beloved and devoted husband, loving father and dear friend. Survived by wife of 25 years Shannon Tucker; sons, Ryan and Ben Tucker; godchildren, Jesse, Abe, Gus and Josie Grubb; father, Jim (Linda) Tucker, Jr.; brother, Mark (Jana) Tucker; sister, Regina Nichols; grandfather-in-law, H. L. Hoffmeister; father-in-law, Larry Hoffmeister (Ronda); brother-in-laws, Shane Hoffmeister (Carrie), Dane Hoffmeister; several nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins.

The service for Tucker was held on Feb. 9 at The Pursuit. The Loudon County Police Honor Guard was on hand “standing guard” from 5 – 7 p.m.  His wife and children were presented a memorial plaque for James’ service as a Loudon County D.A.R.E. officer.

“Because of James’ love for guns they actually did the salute with fully automatic weapons,” Timbs said. “I remember Jimmy as a humble servant always ready to help others even in his time of need. Even though James was unemployed he always found a way to give and was always more concerned with others rather than his own situation. Jimmy Tucker loved God and loved people.”

A slew of church members also offered praises when remembering Tucker.

“When I think about Jimmy’s life, the first thing I think of is giving,” said Pursuit member Rita Wilson. “Jimmy was a giver. He gave of his possessions and of himself.  He lived by giving; he would simply sow and believe God for provision. He showed me what it really meant to live by faith.”

Others offering praises include Clyde Timbs, Michael Timbs, Nathanael Timbs, Pam Timbs, and Carl Wilson.

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