By Joe King, [email protected]

The Boyd Center For Academic Excellence is a new addition to South Doyle High School. (The Herald/ Submitted Photo)

The Boyd Center For Academic Excellence is a new addition to South Doyle High School. (The Herald/ Submitted Photo)

As the role of education continues to merge with the need for economic growth, a local school has increased its emphasis on tutoring.

South Doyle High School, located at 2020 Tipton Station Rd. in South Knoxville, recently launched the opening of a new tutoring facility, The Boyd Center For Academic Excellence.

“We realized our students need for further assistance in math and English,” said Stefanie Bragg, who works as a coordinator for the facility. “We hope to utilize this facility to not only give students more time to focus on these subjects, but to also create individualized study plans for each student.”

Bragg said the need for the facility came from disaggregated EOC data, Discovery Ed benchmark results, and predicted national percentiles.

“While teachers in all subjects have the option to offer tutoring, the primary focus of the Boyd Center is on math and English,” Bragg said. “This is based on benchmark scores we are constantly monitoring throughout the school year.”

The facility was designed to be convenient to English I and Algebra I teachers who are implementing technology in their classrooms and is equipped with thirty computers.

“Teachers use the facility daily during regular school hours for supplemental instruction, incorporating technology in their classrooms,” she said. “Tutoring occurs before and after school, and some students receive one-on-one instruction from math coaches during the school day. Right now, one math teacher is present every morning and up to three math teachers tutor in the afternoon sessions. All tutors are certified teachers.”

In addition, the facility also provides transportation for after school tutoring.

However, the cost does add up.

The facility was funded by combination of a grant and a private donation by PetSafe CEO and South-Doyle High alum Randy Boyd. The technology, transportation, and teacher stipends were paid for by a School Improvement Grant (SIG) from the Tennessee State Department of Education.

“The response from both students and teachers has been very positive,” Bragg said. “Educators are always striving for children to succeed in the classroom, and in today’s schools, technology is a viable tool. This facility is allowing students who before may not have had the opportunity to get the additional help they need. Additional assistance doesn’t have to be for the select few but for all students who want to better themselves.”

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