The teenage driver stands at a safe distance as the SUV rests on its side. (The Herald/ Joe Karl)

The teenage driver stands at a safe distance as the SUV rests on its side. (The Herald/ Joe Karl)

SEYMOUR- Due to a sharp curve on Old Sevierville Pk. a local resident has stepped forward and addressed a safety concern for her fellow motorist.

The curve of concern is near W. Union Valley Rd. on Old Sevierville Pk.

“Something is wrong with that road,” said resident Alma Laurent. “I see a lot of accidents there every time it rains.”

While the curve on the road does present a danger, Sevier County Road Superintendent Jonas Smelcer said the issue has been addressed.

“There is a curve there,” he said. “We have all kinds of signage and guardrails there. We can’t make people drive the speed limit.”

Smelcer expanded that the curve would not be dangerous to nearly any extent as long as the speed limit was obeyed in the area. He added the road previously had a rough surface with grooves, but that was replaced with a non-skid surface during a recent repaving.

But Laurent doesn’t feel the current accommodations to the road are safe.

“I don’t care what they put in there, it doesn’t work,” she said. “Somebody is going to get killed there.”

Smelcer said he has had Old Sevierville pk., as well as all other County roads, inspected by engineers and the sheriff’s department, and it wasn’t noted a dangerous roadway in their findings.

“If you will give me a couple of weeks, I will get an updated accident report,” Smelcer offered. “It’s not recognized as a dangerous road because the sheriff’s department would make us aware of it. There isn’t much right-of-way there, so there aren’t too many improvements that can be made without taking people’s land.”

Although the accident report wasn’t available before press time insight regarding the condition of Old Sevierville Pk. was given by Seymour Volunteer Fire Department Executive Administrator John Linsenbigler.

“Old Sevierville Pike is not a particularly dangerous road,” he said. “Chapman Highway has more accidents and fatalities than any other road in the coverage area we serve.”

Linsenbigler suggested to use a slower speed when taking the curve on the road, or any other, to cut following distances, and to observe weather and vehicle conditions for safer results.

CUTLINE: A teenage stands at a safe distance after she was involved in a rollover accident on the curve on Old Sevierville Pk. (The Herald/ Archived Photo)

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