By Joe King, [email protected]

SeymourGrilleFor many people, going out to eat at a restaurant can be a fairly dull process, but a new Seymour location is changing that with their high standard of food quality.

Bob Braniecki, who opened Seymour Grille with his wife Patty Aug. 12, said the homemade quality of their menu is what sets them apart from other restaurants in the area.

“There’s nothing on the menu that I’m not proud to serve,” Braniecki said. “We do a lot of homemade items here. We make our own meatloaf, onion rings, salad, soups, potato chips, and fried green tomatoes. We’re very proactive with finding things that work and things that don’t work. My wife and I came up with the entire menu.”

While coming up with a menu as unique and as high quality as the one found at Seymour Grille may seem like a daunting task for most, Bob and Patty Braniecki have spent many years working in the restaurant industry.

“I’ve never owned my own restaurant, but I’ve always worked in restaurants,” he said. “I’ve been a cook, a manager, a dishwasher or whatever it may be. I’ve always worked for somebody else and the time was right for us to open up our own place.”

As for the menu itself, there are some unique items available to the community. From the Best Reuben in Town, homemade meatloaf, chicken tenders, hot turkey and roast beef sandwiches, down to the in-house made potato chips, freshness and high quality is key to Seymour Grille.

“The grille part just came with the name,” Braniecki added.” Most people think of a grille as a bar, but we don’t serve alcohol here. It just fit well with the Seymour part of it and I was looking for something to incorporate the name Seymour.  It’s not a true grille; it’s more of American country classics and comfort food.”

Another unique feature of Seymour Grille is that they serve popcorn as a complimentary appetizer.

“Most of our ideas came from our experiences in the restaurant business,” he added. “We just came up with the popcorn idea as something different. Instead of having rolls, peanuts, chips and salsa for a Mexican restaurant or whatever; it’s just something different. Who doesn’t like popcorn?”

While Braniecki and his wife are still tweaking some of the regular specials, there are daily specials available.

“We have all you can eat Chicken and Dumplings every Tuesday and we are coming up with different daily specials every day,” Braniecki explained. “I send it out to my Facebook followers. We are working on a rotation so every day we will have something special. For now the only one set in stone is the Chicken and Dumplings special on Tuesday. We also have a fish fry Friday night.”

Although Braniecki and his family have previously lived in Seymour, they actually moved back to community to open Seymour Grille and enjoy the area.

“We came to Seymour about 15 years ago,” he explained.  “I transferred here for my job at the time and then I got promoted and had to go to the Nashville area for a few years. My son is going to the University of Tennessee, so we had the opportunity to move back. It was a nice convenient excuse to come back, because this is where we want to be.”

As the couple moves ahead with their business, they are looking forward to having a big role in the community. Part of the community involvement for the Braneickis includes future school sponsorships and collecting more local memorabilia to add to the restaurant’s walls.

“It’s coming along just the way we thought it would,” Braniecki said. “We have a lot of great employees who have been in the restaurant business for a long time. We haven’t done any advertising, other than the one that’s in the Herald. I really love Seymour and this area. We could have gone anywhere, but we wanted to come here. The community support has been very good. Everybody is very positive, supportive, and understanding knowing that we are new.”

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