By Joe King, [email protected]

Donald Horanzy stands next to his service truck sporting the unique graphic for Jack Frost Heating & Air. (the Herald / Joe King)

Donald Horanzy stands next to his service truck sporting the unique graphic for Jack Frost Heating & Air. (the Herald / Joe King)

When considering heating and air conditioning in your home, comfort and safety may be on the top of the list for many consumers, and local service shop Jack Frost Heating and Air Conditioning Repair is here to ensure those standards are meet for each of their customers.

“We just had a recent customer whose chamber was cracked and it was actually causing carbon monoxide to come into the house,” said Donald Horanzy, owner of Jack Frost. “That is a big concern. In asking them if they had a carbon monoxide detector and they didn’t, we offered to give them a couple to put in their house just in case.”

And while Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be a stealth killer, the risk of fire is also a real danger if a heating or cooling system isn’t properly maintained.

“With Carbon Monoxide you can be asleep and never wake up again,” Horanzy explained. “For fire, a lot of these units have protections in place to keep them from catching on fire, but sometimes those fail safes can be too late.”

To help protect your home from such possible dangers, Horanzy recommends at least an annual home system check, but ideally twice a year.

“We generally recommend twice a year, once in the spring and the other in the winter,” Horanzy suggested. “Generally we do a tuneup and check for $79, but in December we will be running a special for $59. We will go out and check heat exchangers, electric heat, heat pumps, and so forth. I find it fun to do the heat side as much as the cool side, but it’s not always the same thing.”

And while Jack Frost is a Seymour-based company, there is a secondary and original, location in Florida, which Horzany plans on phasing-out to be able to fully concentrate his efforts locally.

“I started in Florida in 1996 and later bought a cabin up here and decided to move,” Horanzy recalled. “I’m trying to get away from Florida and be totally dedicated to Seymour. People are a lot nicer here.”

In addition to the quality of people in the local area, Horanzy said he also enjoys the distinct seasons of the region for both personal and business reasons.

“Our season slows down in Florida, so it gave me the opportunity to come to Seymour,” he said. “Being here gives me the opportunity to not only work in the summer, but also in the winter. In Florida, pretty much everybody turns their heat on for two weeks and then it dies down. It’s not a steady thing like it is here.”

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