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Phil Roe on House Floor (the Herald / Archived Photo)

Phil Roe on House Floor (the Herald / Archived Photo)

In keeping with his goal of limiting the negative effects of ObamaCare, U.S. Congressman Phil Roe voted for legislation that would allow those who are insured to keep their plans regardless of current design flaws being exposed as the new law continues implementation.

“I am proud to support the Keep Your Health Plan Act, which would allow health insurance providers to continue offering plans purchased any time in 2013,” Roe said. “Today’s bill shields Tennesseans from the harmful effects of the president’s health care law. The Keep Your Health Plan Act simply holds President Obama to the promise he made repeatedly during the health care debate: if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. This bill is a real fix for a problem affecting millions of Americans, not a speech aimed at political gain, and will provide both American families and insurers with the certainty they need to move forward.”

Despite President Obama’s broken promise that those who like their current plans could keep them under the Affordable Care Act, many Americans across the country have discovered this to be a painful lesson in political misfortune.

The Keep Your Health Plan Act would allow health insurers to continue to offer in 2014 those health insurance plans in effect in the individual market as of January 1, 2013. The plans will be treated as grandfathered health plans under Obamacare.

The bill passed the House by a 261-157 margin, with 39 Democrats defecting and siding with Republicans. Even with bipartisan support, Roe said the bill may mean little in the long run.

“Unfortunately, President Obama has already threatened to veto this legislation, despite putting forth a similar idea in a speech yesterday,” Roe added. “It’s clear the president has no interest in working with Congress to stop the harm his law is causing, but I hope he will look at the bipartisan support behind this proposal and reconsider his veto threat.”

Roe, who worked in the medical field as an OB/GYN, is a member of the Physicians’ Caucus and the Health Caucus as well as the Co-Chair of the Republican Doctors Caucus. He voted against the ACA and has since been leading the charge to repeal the law and replace it with commonsense reforms.

“I support repealing the ACA and replacing it with reforms that put patients first,” Roe explained. “I believe that the tax treatment of health care should be the same for all Americans, regardless of where they receive their insurance. Small businesses should be allowed to pool together to purchase insurance, and families should be able to purchase insurance across state lines. We must reform the medical liability system to prevent frivolous lawsuits. Finally, the American people should be able to buy their medicine from anywhere in the world—as long as it’s safe. By adopting these commonsense ideas, among others, we can create a health care system that controls costs, increases access to care, and improves quality.”

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