By Joe King, [email protected]

Filth and trash litter the yard of the DuPont property. (The Herald/ Joe King)

Filth and trash litter the yard of the DuPont property. (The Herald/ Joe King)

No matter the height of your fence, how tidy your yard is, or how many fresh coats of paint you apply to your home, a neighbor’s blighted property could have serious consequences for your property.

Unfortunately, for residents of the DuPont area this seems to be the case at 2019 Dripping Springs Rd.

Littered with trash bags, loose garbage, discarded furniture, old tires, and more, the front of this home is enough to give any sanitation worker a scare.

Last week a call was put in to the Sevier County Environmental Health Department regarding the property.

Environmental Specialist Daniel Ferguson headed the investigation.

After inspection Ferguson determined there to in fact be a violation.

“I went out there and spoke to those people,” he said. “We sent them a notice of violation about their trash. I did not find any septic leakage.”

Ferguson said he was unable to provide any more specifics into the violation at this time.

Sevier County Communications Director Perrin Anderson said once the violation is issued the violator has 30 days to comply. If compliance is not meet  within 30 days a follow-up visit will be made and additional action, including civil or criminal legal action, may be taken against the property owner.

Anderson explained a property is considered to be in violation if there is a large amount of household garbage stored on the property fpr more than one week’s worth. Anderson added that the County does differentiate between junk and garbage as the goal is to address health hazards and not “ugly” properties.

“Sometimes there are factors, such as health issues or disability, which can prevent an owner from cleaning up their property,” he said. “In these cases we can sometimes assist them in finding help to clean up the lot.”

However, with the violation issued to this residence, this does not appear to be the case.

But perhaps most telling of the offense of the violation is the welcome sign at the start of the DuPont community that encourages residents and visitors to keep the community clean.

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