By Joe King, [email protected]

web svfd crestAt the start of the year, the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department began actively recruiting new applicants to join their ranks and the program has shown some promise.

“Recruiting is doing okay, “said SVFD Executive Administrator John Linsenbigler. “By focusing our intensity at area high schools and universities as well as television commercials and social media, since January we have eight new applicants that want to give back to their community.”

Linsenbigler added SVFD also has six completed scholarship applications for the Fall 2014 semester.

“We will be closing our scholarship applications March 31st,” he said.  “If anyone wants more details about becoming a volunteer or the scholarship program, they can visit our web page at”

Before any of those applicants can become full-fledged members, they will first have to have their application approved and then go through a series of training, which together will take months to properly complete.

When the recruiting process began, Linsenbigler said SVFD wanted to add about 20 members to their roster with at least eight taking part in the college reimbursement program. As of now, SVFD has about 50 active members in their ranks.

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