By: Lee Ramsey

Seymour keeper Luke Sharpe readies for the striker attack. (the Herald / Lee Ramsey)

Seymour keeper Luke Sharpe readies for the striker attack. (the Herald / Lee Ramsey)

The Seymour Eagles soccer team and Pigeon Forge Tigers ended up exactly where they started which was a 0-0 tie. Soccer is the only sport that still exists in the year of 2014 that can still tie in regulation play. What is the point of playing when teams end up at the exact place they started before the game?

There were no goals scored which reflects equal success and failure on both sides of the ball. Such was the case in the Sevier County Soccer Invitational played in Sevierville in a non district contest.

The Tigers had almost twice the shots the Eagles had in the first half but the results came out exactly the same.

Pigeon Forge advanced the ball past Seymour defenders but couldn’t finish as the Eagles defense tightened as the ball got closer to their goal.

The outstanding play of Seymour keeper, Luke Sharpe, made a huge difference in the outcome of the game; so did the Pigeon Forge keeper Tyler Watts.

Seymour’s Jake McBrayer and Kameron Grunenwald had their chances but couldn’t convert.

The Eagles are a young team and they are still trying to play on the same page but, as the case is each year, Seymour head coach Drew Payne will get the team to that point by tournament time.

The Tigers are equally as young as far as strikers.

Pigeon Forge did put the ball in the net toward the end of the game but Seymour keeper Sharpe had his hands on the ball before the ball went in the goal.

Seymour will now host Powell on April 8th in a non district game.

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