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Snap Fitness Owner Teena Fesperman. (the Herald / )

Snap Fitness Owner Teena Fesperman. (the Herald / )

A lot of factors can hold somebody back from starting a fitness routine, so it is fortunate that a local gym has taken the initiative to offer a fast, affordable, and convenient option to its members.

“If you cannot feel comfortable at Snap then you cannot feel comfortable at any gym,” said Snap Fitness Owner Teena Fesperman. “We are here to help you get started and make sure you know how to use the equipment, so you’re not feeling like a fish out of water. Customer service is really big here. I know most of my members by name when they come through the door.”

Fesperman, who has owned and operated Snap for seven years, said being fast, affordable, and convenient is truly a mantra the company lives by.

In regard to being fast, Snap offers a line of full service state-of-the-art Cybex equipment, so members don’t have to wait to use a certain machine.

“We are definitely the opposite of the big box gym,” Fesperman said. “It’s a quiet place. Most people bring in their earbuds and come in to do their own thing. I offer a clean atmosphere. God has blessed me with the nicest members in town. “

As for being affordable, members can sign-up at Snap for only $8.95 with monthly rates that equal out to just a dollar a day.

“If you don’t take care of yourself nobody is going to do it for you,” Fesperman said.  “Everybody is worth four quarters a day. You can add a spouse for $20 a month and free classes are included in with all memberships. If you don’t want to be a member all I need is a 30-day notice, so you’re never locked in.”

Fesperman said non-members can participate in classes, which includes Zumba, Piloxing ( a class that combines the power and speed of boxing with the flexibility of Pilates), and core classes.

And as for convenience, the 4,000 square foot facility of Snap Fitness is opened 24 hours a day and seven days a week, has security locking doors, and participates in the senior program Silver Sneakers.

“If I’m open 24/7, I have to fit into everybody’s schedule somewhere,” she said.

Snap also offers the value of having certified personal trainer Shawn Stutz on board, who is also a coach for Get Fit Seymour and how Snap became a sponsored location of the community fitness challenge. Stutz also offers boot camp, a program that has gotten amazing results.

“Get Fit Seymour just started and I’m looking forward to some people coming in for it,” Fesperman added.

Snap Fitness is located at 7343 Chapman Hwy. For more information call 865-577-6633.

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