getFitSeymourPreparing to launch for months clearly served Get Fit Seymour well, as the community fitness challenge attracted more than 300 people to the event April 5.

Held in Seymour Intermediate School’s gym, the room reached capacity with enthused participants, fitness coaches, and two fitness-oriented celebrities.

“Everybody was eager to start their journey to weight loss and wellness,” said Get Fit Seymour Director Gretchen Rivers. “To have that level of enthusiasm was refreshing. We had such a great group of people.”

Rivers said when she originally conceived the concept of Get Fit Seymour she had hoped to have between 50 and 100 participants. But with 350 signed up and 300 showing up to the event’s kick off, Get Fit Seymour has already exceeded its original expectations.

A unique program offered to the community, Rivers attributed the starting success of the event largely to community support and being cost free.

As the first day of a 60-day program, the kick off featured fitness assessment, exercise demonstrations by coaches, plans of personal action, and motivational speeches by Season 12 Biggest Loser Finalist Joe Mitchell and Beach Body Master Trainer Meredith Campbell.

The program then split up all participants into ten groups complete with assigned coaches and a slew of various fitness classes to select from.

“I’m really excited to be a part of this,” said Get Fit Coach Dr. Danny Giammo.   “We’ve designed a team where each has it’s own specialty. I’m focusing on resistance training and teaching participants how to lift weights.”

Rivers added that every individual class was also a success as at least 20 people signed up for each.

Although Get Fit Seymour had a successful launch, keeping participants motivated throughout the entire 60 day challenge will be the true trial.

To help keep everybody motivated Get Fit Seymour includes continual encouragement from coaches and a food diary, as well as the friendship and camaraderie that is shared between all participants.

“Yes the first step is a hard one, but staying in the fight is the hardest part,” Rivers said. “If anybody gets to the point to where they feel like they want to quit they need to call their coach or any coach if their own isn’t available. We’ve all been there and we know what it’s like. We are having fun and staying motivated. When people see the positive change that comes with this they will stay in it.”

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