Submitted By Janice Tocher

web Habitat-sign-2Leading a nationwide trend in community concern for habitat loss, South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association has been officially designated a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat.

The distinction for this community is the 1st in Tennessee and 75th in the country to receive this honor.

A Community Wildlife Habitat project creates multiple habitat areas in backyards, schoolyards, corporate properties, community gardens, parkland and other spaces.

NWF commended the dedicated residents of the South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association team for their wildlife conservation efforts and for coming together for a common purpose – to create a community where people and wildlife can flourish.

At a time when communities are faced with the problems of losing habitat to development, SWNA stands out as a model for other communities to emulate. The knowledge and inspiration that this project has generated will lead South Knoxville residents and visitors to take better care of their natural world.

South Knoxville has become a national destination for outdoor recreation and its unique Urban Wilderness. As a neighborhood nestled in the heart of South Knoxville and South Knox County, SWNA is showing people this is a great area to play and live. Like South Knoxville, South Woodlawn is building a reputation as a place where the outdoors is celebrated.

“The certification process created energy in our neighborhood that led to several new board members, media recognition on a local and state level, and a successful $30,000 grant application for the South Doyle Middle School Outdoor Classroom/habitat project” said Janice Tocher, immediate past president of the association. “I appreciate that the hard work and dedication to this project by so many of our members will be recognized. Our members are extremely conscious of our environment and want to make a difference in our community. It is our hope that other neighborhoods will see the positive impact and want to make their own communities certified.”

NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat program has been helping people take personal action on behalf of wildlife for more than 40 years. The program engages homeowners, businesses, schools, churches, parks and other institutions that want to make their communities wildlife-friendly.

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