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The house, known to some as the Wayland Inn, has been in disrepair for several years now. (the Herald / Jay Miller)

The house, known to some as the Wayland Inn, has been in disrepair for several years now. (the Herald / Jay Miller)

Driving east down Boyds Creek Hwy., just past Temple Rd., there sits an abandoned home overgrown with green foliage. It is easy to miss from the road, but it has caught the eye of two local residents.

Chris Lonas and Chad Hatcher, graduates of Seymour High School, have been visiting the abandoned property since 2004.

After visiting the home several times, the pair became interested in the history of the property. A former school teacher told them that the home was last lived in during the early ‘70s; although some report it was occupied more recently than that.

The duo now wants to film a documentary about the history of the property, known to some locals as The Wayland Inn.

“We liked exploring abandoned properties that didn’t have any trespassing signs on them,” Hatcher said.

The Boyds Creek Hwy. home was void of any posts warning people not to enter, so they let themselves in. Inside there were various materials from the ‘70s and ‘80s. They found old clothes and toys from days past. Since then, visitors have taken any salvageable material from the home and it is now mostly empty.

Lonas and Hatcher have filmed in the home before. They have used the property as a setting for horror movies they made when they were younger.

“In 2005, when we were 19, we used the house as a setting for the scary movies we were making,” Lonas said.

Now that they are older they are more interested in the history of the place.

According to neighbors, the home was built in the early 1700s. It was reportedly used as an Inn and a Hospital during the Civil War. Neighbors say that Jimmy Temple was the original owner of the home.

Because of the age of the home, it is likely it was used for different purposes throughout its history. Many myths also surround the house. One includes the story of a confederate soldier riding up the stairway to meet his future bride, another tells of a woman being shot through a window.

The railroad used to run near the back of the property and active springs can be found around the home. On the adjacent property sits a graveyard with stones dating back to the 1800s.

Hatcher and Lonas plan to unlock the true history of the home.

The duo plans to conduct research in the community and capture an accurate historical portrait of The Wayland Inn. They plan to begin filming in November of this year.

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