They live among us in what is called an ever shrinking world. Now for many, that shrinking world is because of advanced technology that brings us all closer. For animals in our neck of the woods, that ever shrinking world is the loss of habitats for our wildlife friends and the increase in sightings of animals in our homes and neighborhoods. This week on Home Financing Matters, we talked with Bob Savery, teacher and wildlife enthusiast, who talked with us about understanding wildlife.
Bob is a teacher with Knox County Schools and grew up in Knoxville and has spent thousands of hours learning and enjoying our wildlife and surroundings. As we experience urban sprawl, natural habitats get eliminated and animals adapt. In his high school course, Bob teaches respect and understanding for the wildlife around us. “That’s an odd curriculum?”, you might say, but it really helps our younger generation understand the world around them and learn to live in harmony.
One of the points made was that we need to understand that animals are looking for the same things we are; food, water, and shelter. These three things attract them to your home and if you are just a little more diligent about your home and these attractants, then you can reduce those unwanted encounters with local wildlife.
Things to ask yourself- Do you feed your own pets outside or, is their food accessible to visitors? Do you have weeds and undergrowth in and around your home? Expanding your maintained yard area may decrease habitat and foraging areas for wildlife. Keep hiding spaces (shrubs, flower beds, and decorations) spread out and “airy” allowing limited sheltering areas for random wildlife; push trees and structures to the edges of your property.
Investing a little bit of time and planning into your environment may make it less attractive to those unwanted guests that you may be experiencing. Now, don’t take this wrong, we all love the East Tennessee area and all that it offers, but we want to enjoy them from a distance which helps them survive and thrive as well.
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