by Nathaniel Howard

Tempers are often short as motorists make their way through one of the busiest intersections in Seymour- the junction of Chapman, Boyds Creek and Maryville Highway. Today, passersby smile and wave. An old man in a pickup truck honks his horn in a friendly manner.
Trevon Thaxton, a senior from South-Doyle High School, is on fall break and he has made it his mission to make the day happier. He stands in the parking lot of Sevier County Bank, puts his headphones in, dons a Shakespeare-style black-and-white mask and starts busting moves. A familiar face in the Seymour community, Trevon works part-time as a sign-spinner for Papa Murphy’s pizza. Today, though, aside from the occasional cash gift, he is working for free. He usually makes just enough money to take a break and get something to eat.
“I usually don’t do it for the money,” he says. “I want people to enjoy dancing: all the people that are going to work and stuff like that- make them have a good day from that. It’s very inspirational and fun to do.”
Two years ago, Trevon started dancing and realized his talent. Today, he cultivates his passion by practicing it. For the past year, he has spent much of his free time coming out to this corner to perform.
“I got bored one day and I just started dancing and I earned money for it,” he says. “Now I really don’t care about it. I just want to do it for fun.”
Trevon hopes to one day attend dance school at Tennessee State University, but he says finances may be a limitation. For now, he will keep bringing joy and inspiration to the daily commute.

the Herald /Nathaniel Howard Trevon Thaxton dances for passing motorists .

the Herald /Nathaniel Howard
Trevon Thaxton dances for passing motorists .

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