Bobble-heads are hard not to like, yet one local business owner seems to have found a way to make them even more appealing.
In acquiring the business system Bobbles By Jafra, local businesswoman Joyce Anderson has been working to market her personalized bobble head concept to the Knoxville area. By combining photo technology with a manufacturing plant based in New York, Bobbles By Jafra allows customers to upload a personalized photo to the website, choose a customized model and receive a bobble head with one’s own face on it.
“Everybody laughs when they see their bobble that’s been created with their head on it,” Anderson said. “You can’t help but laugh.”
The website currently offers over 50 character models on which the personalized head of the figure could rest. While some personalized bobble head figures can cost as much as $100, nearly all of Anderson’s figures cost $12.95 before shipping fees or tax.
Commenting on the “many different ways” in which the concept could be marketed, Anderson said she has personal experience selling the bobble head figures on behalf of business functions, sports related memorabilia as well as a host of other personal gift giving reasons.
For more information on the business or to create a bobble-head, visit

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