Coming soon to South Knoxville, 303 Flats is an apartment complex for students attending the University of Tennessee.
This complex, located on the river front on Henley St. Bridge, gives students the opportunity to live off-campus and still have the convenience of living close to school.
With seven floorplans, there is sure to be an option for every lifestyle. Most of the floorplans are set up for more than one student, so young adults will have the experience of living with a dorm mate in a much nicer set up.
The prices range from $795-$905 per bedroom. Living rooms, dining rooms, closets and more are also included depending on the floorplan that is chosen. The only option available for one person is $999 per month.
Utilities, electricity, water and sewer will be set up and ready to go upon move-in day. Each apartment will be metered and the usage fees will be divided up evenly among the roommates. When it comes to maintenance, the team will be on call 24/7 for emergencies such as the heat or water not working, or the fridge breaking. All other non-emergency requests can be put in online at any time.
Perhaps the best part of renting a room specifically is that students won’t be responsible for damages caused by other roommates like conventional joint leases. Instead, renters are only responsible for their own monthly costs and upkeep of their individual part of the apartment.
Renters may select their own roommates when filling out paperwork if all requests are mutual. For those who aren’t sure who they’d like to live with, Roommate Matching is available after filling out a questionnaire about social habits, study habits and pet preferences.
The amenities alone are enough to make searchers want to set up tent. The complex is complete with a saltwater pool, outdoor grills, a dog play park, tanning, bicycle storage, yoga, a computer lounge and a 24-hour fitness center. Not to mention, each room is fully furnished.
Each resident is issued an electric key fob used to access their front door, parking garage and community amenities. Keys are also issued for individual bedrooms to assure that no other roommate has a key to somebody’s personal space. Video cameras will also be located throughout the parking garage, elevators, hallways and amenity areas.
The parking garage will have assigned parking spots for an additional monthly fee. Parking will be assigned floor by floor for access to apartments.
For more information or to apply for a room, visit To speak to someone, call 223-5606 or email [email protected]

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