The Candoro Arts and Heritage Center will hold its annual open house Christmas party Saturday, Dec. 9 from 6 – 8 p.m.
The event, which is free and open to the public, will include the honoring of volunteers, donors and board members for the nonprofit group dedicated to the preservation of Knoxville’s marble industry history.
“While everybody has their community on their mind and wants to make a difference, Candoro wants to be at the top of their list,” Molly Gilbert, President of the Candoro Arts and Heritage Center Board said. In the past, the Christmas event was one of the only opportunities for the public to see the inside of the early 20th century marble showroom. The Heritage Center now offers Sunday evening tours of the building from Apr. to Oct., though Gilbert still sees the event as an opportunity both to raise funds for the nonprofit and to showcase the building’s beauty during the holidays.
“At Christmas, we’re particularly excited to have the building, which is beautiful all by itself, to have it decorated for the holidays and open our doors to folks who’ve been volunteering and putting in years of dedication,” Gilbert said. “We wouldn’t have survived, the building wouldn’t still exist if it wasn’t for all our volunteers and donations.”
For more information on the event, visit the Candoro Center’s Facebook page at

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