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In the wake of a devastating apartment fire that destroyed eight units and left nine people without homes, Seymour Heights Christian Church is helping to resettle those families affected by the tragedy.
The fire burned in the early morning of Wednesday, Dec. 13 at Seymour’s Countryside Apartments off Old Sevierville Pk. The cause of the fire is unknown, though its affects have left several families without homes and without most of their personal belongings.
Holly Blum, a minister with Seymour Heights Christian Church, is helping coordinate donation and relocation efforts along with the American Red Cross and Live-It Ministries. Despite the families still being “in a haze” Blum said she’s been uplifted by the outpouring of support she and members of her church have received since the tragedy unfolded last week.
“It’s so important to have people feel at home and where they belong,” Blum said. “It’s amazing how people not only want to share God’s love of being here for them, but how they’ve really stepped up and offered personal belongings … It’s a beautiful thing, it really truly is. It’s brought quite the sense of community.”
The church is accepting gift cards to places like Wal-Mart, local grocery chains or toiletries to benefit the affected families.

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