Several officers and one citizen were publicly lauded by Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero Monday as a part of the Knoxville Police Department’s efforts to recognize excellence within its law enforcement agency.
Citation of Excellence
Knoxville resident Douglas Hilton was the recipient of KPD’s Citation of Excellence for his role in apprehending the suspect of an armed robbery this past April. Hilton and several other employees of The Family Dollar on Magnolia Ave. were forced to lie on the ground after a man brandishing a gun told them to do so while he cleared out the register. Upon fleeing the scene, the suspect dropped the gun.
Hearing the weapon, Hilton believed it to be a BB gun. Hilton chose to pursue the suspect on foot, and at one point had the weapon in question pointed directly at him. Hilton continued to follow him until he was later apprehended by KPD officers, who discovered that he had indeed been using a BB gun.
“Mr. Hilton’s selfless act of bravery to give chase to a violent fleeing felon that had just committed an armed robbery while communicating his location to the E-911 Center ultimately resulted in the apprehension, arrest and prosecution of a violent felon,” Chief David Rausch said during the ceremony.
August Officer of the Month
In the course of responding to a noise complaint in August, Officer Garret Fontanez was flagged down by a 76-year-old woman. The woman claimed she had paid a man up front to mow her lawn, but the man had taken the money and her lawnmower without doing the job. In addition to filing a report, Fontanez agreed to help the woman mow her lawn on his off days throughout the summer. Officers became aware of the situation only after an anonymous call was made to the police department.
“Officer Fontanez did an outstanding job by being compassionate in a situation where he could have simply taken a report and moved on to the next call,” Rausch said.
September Officer of the Month
Responding to a robbery on Keith Ave. Market on Aug. 14, Officer Alan Meisheid was able to capture images of a man suspected of stealing two persons phones at gunpoint. Meisheid shared the images with other officers, but the suspect was not immediately apprehended. Over a month later, Meisheid was driving down Merchant Ave. when he spotted the vehicle parked at an apartment complex. He then took the suspect into custody and charged him with two counts of Aggravated Robbery.
“Officer Meisheid did an excellent job from start to finish during this investigation. Even with multiple other suspects who committed other crimes during this same time period, Officer Meisheid remembered this particular suspect’s vehicle description. His tenacity on the case helped put a dangerous armed robber behind bars,” Rausch said.
Life Saving Award
In the course of a serious motorcycle accident on Clinton Highway, the actions of Officer Jacob Wilson helped to save the life of a motorcyclist whose bike had been split in two as a result of a wreck with another vehicle. Parking his police cruiser in front of the motorcycle driver so as to protect him from traffic, Wilson applied pressure to the man’s serious wounds as he waited for medical professionals to arrive, likely preventing death. The man was later taken to the Intensive Care Unit of the UT Medical Center, but is now in stable condition and on his way to recovery.


Photo by: Tanner Hancock

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